Boys... how are your nipples???

That got your attention :-) (.) (.)

Had a couple of cold wet runs recently and suffered with a bit a chafing!! i Dont think that this will put me on the Injury Couch though...but it was pretty sore.

So... am I just a sensitive soul or should I stop wearing my string vest ;-)


Is it just me that suffers this type of thing???

Otherwise, still out there 3-4 times a week with no new PB's to report... so sorry about the growing crowd with injuries at the moment... get well soon :-)


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31 Replies

  • Sounds as though you need a good supportive sports bra, Andy! :) Not a problem with me, but I tend to not run in the wet if I can avoid it, so no nipple rub for me.

  • hubby tapes up with micropore before his long runs, stops all the chafing

  • That's an idea.... perhaps better than the support bra option...that's a shopping trip I wouldn't look forward to.... hahaha :-)

  • oh that would be too funny. I'd want to be in the shop when you ask to be measured :D

  • That would be a video wouldn't it... if I could keep a straight face i'd do it... trouble is i'm totally flat chested!!

  • Micropore or zinc oxide tape only works for non-hairy chests. For hairy chests try Vaseline or Sudocrem before going out in the wet (or run topless!!!!)

  • Can be used on hairy too with a bit of practice- the only problem is you then have to soak it off in the shower. Hubby does his with 2 bits crossed over each other (and he is definitely a hairy specimen)

  • It has never been a problem for me on normal 'land-based' runs, but did happen on an OCR race a while back which was in bitterly cold weather and involved complete immersion in icy water several times. The combination of wet garment, icy wind and, err, stiff nipples caused considerable chafing on my right side (left was fine curiously) t the extent that I looked like I had been shot in the chest. I didn't notice the discomfort at all at the time, because every inch of my skin was utterly numb and every joint and muscle were screaming agony, but I jolly well did for the next few days.

    I now take the precaution of wearing tasselled nipple pasties.

    For the sake of sensitive souls I shall not go into the injuries that led me to eschew cheap compression tights for outrageously expensive ones with a seamless gusset...

  • You make me laugh.... :-) Definitely it was very cold and I was soaked through.. perhaps not the extent of your soaking. So I shall now spend my evening investigation male waxing and lubricants and procuring said nipple pasties.... what could possible go wrong... ;-)

  • A police raid?!!!

  • Ha ha ha :-D

    Morning Runon, see youre in fine form as always :-) xxx

  • Poppers!!! How are you? What news on hip burps? I don't have sore nips (at least from this particular sport) but I did get attacked by giant hail-stones from outer space on my run yesterday which kinda hurt all over! :) XXX

  • Ha ha , Hey Runon, I am good thanks :-) Feeling much , much better . Oooh Alex has worked wonders on me :-)

    Giant hail stones from Outer Space ? Pah ! Watch out for the " Attack of the Killer Tomatoes " That was a film , song or comic book thingy , cant remember....

    Anyway, carry on Runon, as you were xxxx

  • Ah good old Alex eh! Right-ho, tally-ho and toodle-pip :)) xxx

  • Tat-Ta, Bye Bye :-) xxx

  • oh dear this made me chuckle and fired my imagination!!!!!!!! ha ha

  • Funny enough I saw something on the old interweb about chaffed nip's the other day ... so far so good for me Andy :D

    Glad you are out there 3-4 times a week , did you do a parkrun yet?

  • Hey Rob... no, still haven't done my first PR yet.. definitely on my mind and the hope that I might get dragged around with a bunch of motivated runners. Funny things is, I regularly run on the Taunton PR site which is next to my office and nice and flat :-)

  • Flat is wonderful :D it has become part of my normal running week now :) would seem strange to not do it.

    Hope you get to do one soon, think you will enjoy it :D :D

  • I have been thinking of posting about this, A few runs ago I did the run wearing a new t-shirt and jumped in the shower when I got home. I regretted it as soon as the water hit my chest !!! Not sure whether it was the newness of the shirt or the fact I sweat a lot, or both.

    I thought about it for a while, and looked on the net, and got a compression top for the first parkrun with a normal t-shirt over it. It worked as well as I imagine a bra would. No pain whatsoever. I'm now converted to both tights and compression tops, not because I need them, but because they are so comfortable.

  • Glad to hear that its not just me then :-) I think I will keep running in the cold and wet to a minimum... but if I recall I was wearing a top that flaps around a bit.. think i need to wear another top that I own that's a bit tighter.

  • I've taken to wearing a tight fitting base layer under my running shirt and I haven't had any problems with nip chafe. Otherwise it'd be a sports bra for me.

  • I now wear either a thin neoprene top or a merino base layer if am going to be getting cold and wet. Keeps you much warmer too. There is nothing worse than having wet garments in a cold wind. Muscle cramp city.

  • Funny you should mention it Andy, but it got me today for the first time.

    This has been a really useful thread! Thanks everyone for the advice.

  • Who would of thought.... a bunch of guys discussing their sore nips.... go figure that then :-)

  • A long time ago I ran in only a ron hill hi viz vest, it was a hot summer in Cyprus, running on unlit roads, thought better to be seen by cars than knocked down and killed, that always spoils a run. Got back and showered, I was completely unaware of any discomfort until the hot water and soap found the chaffing

    PS, shorts socks and running shoes were also worn

  • It's the moisture that causes it. I don't do "running in the rain" - however, this summer at the end of every run, you would think that I had had a bucket of water poured over me!! Nothing that a couple of strategically placed bandaids couldn't fix!! :) -- OUCH! That must have hurt!!

  • plasters and/or vaseline?

  • Hubby swears by ultraglide!

  • OK, I had to Google that. It's a lawnmower! :)

  • I saw a poor bloke in a marathon with a white top on and red stripes down the front... find a solution before this becomes you :) This is where I'm glad to be female and needing a sports bra!

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