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Week 7 post holiday failure. Was I too keen? Do I start again?

I had just completed two 25 minute walks before I went on holiday. I suffered a burn on my leg which, I think, resulted in water retention. My legs were like tree trunks and granny ankles was an understatement. Somehow I managed to gain 10lb and a huge blister - just above my ankle. By today (Friday), after two days rest, my legs were much better so I thought I would go and see how far I could run. Holy crap, did I struggle!

It was different this time though. When i first started c25k my breathing was fine as i frequently took my dog for brisk walks, it was my muscles in my calves that I struggled with but today it was my breathing. I could only mange a couple of minutes and spent most of my route walking. Now my ankle is swollen again. I don't know whether to rest and go back a couple of weeks or start again. I am so disappointed as I really felt like a runner before my holiday! Any advice would be welcome.

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Hello, I think you really do need to get your leg checked out by a doctor or your local minor injuries unit - especially if it is feeling hot in case you have an infection. When you get the all clear, I would re-try the run and see how it goes. You may find that with cooler and less humid weather your breathing improves and you sail through. Good luck.

I have stalled because of hayfever and suddenly having to take loads of anti-histamines ... GP said to take it easy in the hot weather because at week 6 i'm still new to running and my body is still trying to adapt - stressing it more than if I was a seasoned runner in this hot weather.


It is fluid shift secondary to your injury and could be causing some congestion in your lungs. I agree with above that you should seek medical attention for your burn. Rest until you are well on your way to recovery. I would then maybe back up to week 6 and see if you can get your groove back. Good luck!


Thanks. A good rest with my feet up seems to have done the trick so very little water retention is now left. I finally have some ankles and toes again! The blister got knocked but is healing nicely but surrounding tissue seems a little tender when running. I have started week six again and didn't realise it was on run 2 and managed it fine. So so close to being a graduate :)


I know how you feel! Good luck; I hope for you and for me that the groove will return!


Thanks. I thought I wouldn't get back into it again after all my hard work but my mojo has returned! :) I hope yours has too.


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