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Used the podcast again and it helped!

Have been so wary about speeding up as that when things started to go wrong 2 months ago. However, today I ran a shorter distance 3.7km using week 9 podcast and ran 21 minutes at a speed of 10.2km/hour. I am so pleased with that.

Makes me think I need to do some shorter runs to pick up speed.

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have you tried going through the podcasts again running at your ususal speed during the walking intervals and speeding up during the running ones? That's how I plan to increase my speed after I graduate next week and I could do with someone trying it out beforehand! :)


Oh that where it went wrong last time using the podcasts as you describe, think I just speeded up too much during the run part and then ended up wirh an injury.

But many others have been succesful doing what you describe.


I did this earlier this week and it was great! I used the week 2 podcast which was about right. Altogether I ran/jogged for 19mins but needed a 1min walk towards the end because it was really tough! Also, I just jogged the first run interval and started my faster runs on the second one because I didn't fancy starting the session with a hard run - seemed to work well. It felt great to break into a proper run and gave me confidence to see that I AM capable of speed (albeit for only 90 seconds at a time!).


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