B210K Podcast Help Please!!

After graduating a couple of weeks ago I followed this up with a couple of 5k runs (in 31mins :D yay me) and had a go at the speed podcast. Now I'm looking for a good Bridge to 10k. This morning I gave Samantha Murphy's "Sami B210K podcast" a go but I found her audio queues to be so quiet & short that I actually missed one and kept on running past the 10min mark when I should have been breaking for a 1min walk! Maybe I'm just used to the verbosity of Laura... I wanted to download Suz's B210K but iTunes doesn't seem to want to let me and I think her website is down just now.

Has anyone had any success with other podcasts or programs? Your suggestions and recommendations would be most welcome :)


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  • Quite a lot of people on here have started/done Sami's b210k and an awful lot of them picked up injuries on the way. That programme is quite brutal and there are better ways of building up to 10k without the injury risk. If you're determined to carry on with it, then I understand that the audio quality on the other podcasts is much better than on the first one. If you're interested in other plans, then try the Asics website or Bupa site. Both allow you to select a distance and a time to achieve it in and then draw up an individual training plan for you to help you get there. Good luck whatever you decide to do :)

  • The first podcast is duff so leave it out and move onto the next. I love the Sami podcasts ! I graduated from Sami school of Bridge to 10 k but not without getting a bit hung up on week 4. I came through and now I love the darned thing and run weeks of it when they pop up on my mp3 player. I love most of the music. It's chosen specially to motivate us to run.

    It is hard though. Too right it is. I think you can expect a step up from 5 k but it is gradual but not gradual enough for some. 5 weeks is a big ask. Twice that might be more reasonable but I did it and I'm not 21!

  • I started this programmed and it's been hard but I've managed it. I didn't want to put myself off by downloading all the podcasts in one go so I've been doing it week by week. Yesterday I went to download week 8 and it's on iTunes but it won't download. I've looked for the website too and that seems to have gone as well. Not sure what has happened. I'm now trying to decide what to do so I don't loose momentum. I did see quite a lot of negative comments about the programme - I'm not young (far from it!) and I'm not an experienced runner but I've been OK with it - I find the music keeps me going so I'll be gutted if it has disappeared forever

  • I would love an extended NHS podcast series. I completed the c25k in 9 weeks (from not being able to run at all), but I still don't do 5k in 30 mins.

    I was put off Sami from other posts, and I gather building up from 5k is just about building stamina and speed will come. I'd love just a longer version of Laura gently encouraging me over maybe an hour, I'm sure this would help me!

  • Hi. After I graduated I decided I wanted to move on to 10k. The way I did it was to do 2 5k runs a week then at the weekend (and because I was in no particular hurry to do so) I added half a kilometre each week to my 5k run. This meant I could listen to my own music. This slow and steady method worked for me, so it's an option if you don't fancy the podcasts.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


  • I used the zen labs b210k app in my phone

  • Thanks everyone for your responses!

    @AncientMum I thought the same about the Sami podcasts - building up to 10k in only 5 weeks does seem too fast. @misswobble I love the music in the Sami podcasts too - it's so much more motivating for me than the C25k music.

    @sharonb9999 I think Suz's podcasts might be back up now as I checked her website and it is up and running! She was saying something about being the victim of a hacking attack on her blog... So maybe that's why they were unavailable.

    @caj62 & @ZoomZoom both great tips which I will give a go. I think a combination of all of the above is what's going to work best as long as I'm listening to my body and not pushing myself beyond my limits. The variety will definitely help should monotony set in anyway! Thank you again all for your help :)

  • Is anyone able to provide a link to the Sami B210K podcasts that actually works?The link on this site does not work and I am "googled out" trying to find it. If I could get hold of them I would be happy to share a new dropbox link to others.

  • I couldn't find it myself after only downloading it a few weeks ago! So, I have stuck it on my dropbox for you here: dropbox.com/sh/1tqm59u6zwwl...


  • Thanks so much for your help... much appreciate....downloading now :-)

  • let us know how you get on with it!

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