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Nooooo! Failed at the final hurdle!

I have managed all the other runs in C25K, but today doing w9r3 was a big failure.

I was not actually intending to do my final run today. I was going to join in a council run 'new runners' scheme but having got there, no-one turned up. No runners, no leader, no nobody.

So I thought I would do my final run as I was in a convenient park, but it was not to be. Being keen to get running, and being Laura-less, I timed my warm up walk with my watch and probably skimped a bit on that. Then I met someone I knew and had to stop for a minute to be polite. When I started again they were going the same way as me, so I had to speed up - well it's embarrassing if someone is walking as fast as you are running!

I was a bit puffed anyway after that, but was really struggling, then realised I had been going up a long slope. I turned back and recovered a bit going down the slope. Next problem on the narrow path, a friendly labrador who was not going to move over, so I got a slobbery leg and it got a bumped nose.

When I turned to do another lap of the park my legs just said 'no way, Josee'. And I stopped.

My 30 minute victory run turned into a 15 minute failure. :'(

I think it shows just how much one's mental attitude affects the running. I was not expecting to do w9r3 today and all the interruptions meant I never did get focussed.

But hey, 3 months ago I'd have thought a 15 minute jog was a miracle. And come Monday I WILL succeed at my graduation run. :D

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I am sure on Monday you will be requesting the graduation badge!!... The one thing I have definitely learned (I am doing W8R2 today) is that for me the mental challenge has been the hardest for me..

Good luck on Monday :)


That's a shame, you will do it on Monday, I ran mine this morning thankfully without interruptions. You will feel wonderful once it's completed.


Bad luck - it really wasn't meant to happen was it? I like your attitude though - isn't it amazing how we can feel let down at only runnng 15 minutes? Who'd have thought it a couple of months back. I hope you have a happy and memorable graduation run. Looking forward to seeing your victory blog!


Thank you everyone. I can't wait for Monday. :)


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