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Not sure if it counts - W6R3

Apart from the fact that it's only just hit me that I'm at the end of week 6(!!!!), I went out for my run this morning - supposed to be 25 minutes non-stop. Have a stinking cold, which has been building up for a few days, and felt a bit like death throughout work today.

As a result (or I think it wouldn't have helped, anyway), I didn't make it through the whole 25 minutes. I ran for 15 or so, to the bottom of the hill, then walked up said hill for about 3 minutes in all (I think - I have no way of checking, since I run only with my cheap MP3 and a house key) and then ran for the rest of the track, so about 22 minutes in all, but the break was definitely needed!

Not sure now, whether to move onto week 7, since it's just (ha!) three more 25 minute runs, so I figured if I can do those three, then I can move on; or if I should try for the 25 minutes again, and not move onto week 7 until I've completed it properly?

What're all your thoughts on this matter?

[On an unrelated note - when trying to add tags to this blog, one of the options was "flailing like a mad man" - which made me laugh!]

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I'd probably start week 7 myself.

For the first few weeks of the program I suffered quite badly with sinusitis - I found that chewing Airwaves gum helped with my ability to breathe - you might find it helps if you've got a bad cold, just be careful not to swallow it !

Good luck and I hope you're feeling better soon :-)


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