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What's going on then?

Completed W9R3 last week then my very next run was one of the hardest ever? It was a struggle from start to finish, when am I going to feel comfortable with the runs?

I seem to have a battle in my head from start to finish, one voice telling me I am struggling and might not finish, the other voice telling me that I haven't quit any run up to now and that I will feel so dissapointed if I do.

This battle lasts for the whole run and I always finish but my last run was so difficult it has put me off my next one. How on earth do you clear your mind and enjoy it? At what point do the runs and the breathing become pleasurable?

I need to keep going and not undo all my hard work up to this point.............

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You do need to keep going as you've done so well to get to this point! Well done :)

I had some fab runs pre graduation and post but have to be honest I have a gremlin on my shoulder quite often that does make the runs that pleasurable ....but once you've had one of those amazing runs that's what keeps you going...chasing that feeling.

Keep going!


running for 30+ minutes is vigorous exercise so you are always going to be breathing hard and although it looks as if other runners are sailing along, they aren't! 9 weeks isn't very long for an new hobby to become a habit and that's what you're aiming for, so give it time for mind and body to accept that running is what you do for exercise. Only you know why you started and what you hoped to get out of it but I assume you are now happy that your health and fitness is now under your control because of what you achieved. Think about finding a time of day when you feel best and run then, focus on when it does feel good and hold on to that feeling to get you out of the door next time. :) what about a goal?- parkrun, charity run, family run, join a club? :)


Well done on your progress and keeping up with running!

Remember that even runners who have been running for ever sometimes get bad runs! Even now, months after graduating, I often find that the first 10 mins of nearly every run nearly defeat me, its like I have an inner voice that tells me I am crap and cant do this!

Try not to worry about it. You have proven you can run, it will get better! Then you can think about challenging yourself more!

A few ideas . . .

Remember not to go too fast, you are still building up your stamina after all.

Have you been using the same routes and are you getting bored? Try reversing it or finding somewhere lovely to run if you can.

How about new music to listen to (assuming you still use ipod/mp3? )

Try and vary your routes/runs if you can to get a bit of fun out of it! Eg try Fartlek - as much fun as it sounds, google it!

Find a club or a running buddy.


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