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Belated Race for Life update

I did the 5k Race for Life in Portsmouth on Sunday!!

It was a warm sunny day and I was quite apprehensive as have only been running once a week for last few weeks.

Did the warm up on the common, then a woman spoke about her personal cancer journey and they showed a very emotional video :-(.

I decided I should be in the "joggers" category, as they said runners should expect to finish in 25 minutes. By the time I got to the start there were already 4 mins on the clock! Lots of walkers in the joggers category - I guess they walked abit, jogged abit, so had to keep running round people :-).

Anyhoo - I ran (jogged) the whole way, and the clock said 42 mins when I crossed the finish, so reckon I did it in just under 38mins :-).

Felt very proud of myself - and very hot!!!

My daughter (17) said she'd like to run it with me next year, so we're running shoe shopping this weekend for her.

Good luck to any other Race for Life folks - I think there are a few more to go??



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reallly well done! It's a great thing to do and really enjoyable too.


Well done you. Great time as well, especially as it's so hot. :)


Very proud indeed well done Carol

Was it well turned out?


Well done Carol! :)


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