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W3R2 - first run I haven't enjoyed :o(

Really disappointed with my run last night...although I think going the wrong way round my usuall route, the heat and the hundred million flies that I choked on didn't help...the ground was so uneven downhill, I don't mind running up bobbly farm tracks uphill...apparently. Sort of looking forward to my last run of week 3 tomorrow but think I might just run round the field at the bottom of the hill, at least it's flat...must just watch out for squidgy dog muck!!!

I'm also looking into barefoot running but not completely with a barefoot...I think the terrain is a little harsh round where I live. Does anyone have any experience with them, I've seen the huaraches on which look cool but think I might go for something a little more substantial like the New Balance Minimus or the Nike Free...would love to hear some feedback on barefoot all makes sense though, especially after watching 'The Truth about Sports Products' documentary. Got myself stocked up on jam and bread too haha!

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1stly Well Done you for heading out in the heat & flies :) Going to stick to my New Balance trainers as been fine up to now, especially since watching "Born to Run" and "The Truth ... " but the barefoot running appeals too, just where?


Thanks Mrstickle...I did wait until the evening to run thinking it would be cooler but no such luck...not complaining though as the heat has been a long time coming!

Do you have the New Balance Minimus? I'm off to the sports shop tomorrow in my lunch hour so I'll see what they've got in stock...hubby promised me some for my b'day :o)

I haven't read Born to Run but I've heard quite a lot about it...might just have to have a trip to Borders book shop too! :o)


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