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buzzin......wk5 r2 done

managed wk5 r2 today, think i amazed myself that i finished it, but then was brought back to reality when i remembered that i've got to add another 12 mins on to finish wk5,,eek,,,

have had to put sum frozen veg on my knee tho cos it feels really tight and quite painful when i walk on it, i cant do the breathin thing that laura says to, breath in thru your nose and out thru your mouth, my mouth is open the whole time and i end up swallowing flies and insects...yummy, am i a one off or does anyone else have to have their mouth open all the time as well, hopefully on thurs i'll be writing a blog about how i managed day 3 but i have my doubts :)

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I do W5R2 tomorrow and I can't breath through my nose either, mouth open for me too.


ha i'm pleased its not just me, gud luck for tomorrow :)


I'm doing week 5 run 2 this evening - it's roasting here, so that won't help, but I'm looking forward to it. For the third run, you're only really adding on 4 minutes, it's just getting rid of the break. I'm trying not to think about that one yet!

I've been icing my knee daily since I started C25K. I bought a couple of refreezable ice packs online for something like £1.86 each - dead cheap. I think they help quite a bit. I also can't breath through my nose, unless I want to pass out. It just doesn't let enough oxygen through. A moth nearly flew into my mouth last week, which was pretty gross (I do try not to have it open too wide!).


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