Wk5 r2 - Did anyone repeat it before r3?

Hi team,

I've just finished Wk5 r2. I did my 8x2 as per the plan. The first 8 mins was definitely easier than the second but I completed it which is the main thing.

Thing is r1 included 5 mins runs. R2 includes 8 mins runs - an increase of 40%. What I can't get my head around is the increase from 8 mins to 20 mins - over 100% increase.

Which leads me to the question, which is has anyone repeated r2 twice so as to prepare better for r3?



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  • Don't think about it too much just go and do it. By w5r3, the physical preparation is already done. From hereon in it's all mental. And by having such a big leap, this is the point at which you convince yourself you can do anything else the programme throws at you. By repeating earlier runs you run the risk of fooling your brain into thinking that it is too big for you, and the longer you go without trying run 3, the bigger a challenge it becomes. Don't even let the thought that you might not finish get into your head. And forget the stats. You will get there. It's hard, but the feeling of accomplishment when you finish sets you up for the rest of the programme. Anyone who has been through this will agree that w5r3 is the defining moment of the programme. It's the point that psychology comes into play.

    Good luck.

  • Great posts Narmour - thanks a million!


  • Don't think of the increase as an increase of a running length without stopping. If you take the 2x8 minutes into account, that's 16 minutes. So you're really only increasing your total length by 4 minutes. You only think you need walking intervals because you've never tried running without them. You WILL surprise yourself.

  • Hi H ,, I did repeat week 5 run 2, made an excuse to myself that I didnt have time that day! All I can say is to agree with Laura and everyone else on the forum that you need to overcome the mental block but saying that its not a race so do what feels right for you.

    You'll dance for joy when you finish run 3 ........ and you will do it, honest! I've just redone week 8 run 2 but only cos I bumped into a friend 5 mins before finishing run 2 on sunday and couldnt carry on running past!

    Good luck

  • Thanks FunnyGirl.

    I can see that everyone is right - it is a mental hurdle...

    Look out for my posts at the end of the week!


  • Im in thee same place run 3 week 5 on friday so interesting to read these posts think will just go for it.

  • What is the worst that can happen? :-)

  • Hi I'm at the same stage, just done wk5r2 today and found the second 8 mins a killer (was running in a head wind) really anxious about stepping up to r3 on Friday but just gonna go for it and keep my fingers crossed. Best of luck

  • Sparky, Roy, FunnyGirl & Narmour,

    Just letting you all know that I completed wk5 r3 this morning! I actually ended up running about 22 minutes in the end because of Spotify miscalculating the total time of the playlist. (Yes that's right I gave sweet Laura a day off).

    Fortunately I used Runkeeper app for the first time today and that told me that I had already finished.

    I carried on for another 2 mins or so just to be absolutely sure.

    Thanks for your support for this run. I hope that my completion will give you guys some encouragement for tomorrow when I'm sure you will have similar success.

    Ironically the toughest was the first 5 mins....Go figure


  • Well done!! as you prgress you will find the toughest part is always the first five minutes. After that you are warmed up and it's so much easier. I did a 7k run last night in 43 minutes and my fastest, easiest section was from 5.5 to 6k!! go figure that!!

    Well done again and don't ever doubt yourself. You can do it!!

  • Thanks Narmour

  • Fabulous, well done. Onwards and upwards :)

    Just did week 8 run 3 today so entering final week.

    It's great to read everyone's experiences and a real motivator

  • Thanks Funnygirl

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