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Week 4, my favourite so far!!

Reading through what was required in week 4 never did I think I would be able to manage it! I mean, I struggled and wanted to give up on the 3 min runs in the previous weeks!

Started out for W4 R1 and found the first 3 min run really hard, that then filled me with doubts and didn't think I would be able to make the 5 min runs! It actually got easier! The 5 min run felt great! I have mastered the breathing, found a pace that suits both me and my running partner (my Mum). The last 5 min run was a struggle we had decided that we would run to a point in the road then stop, as we approached the point Laura told us we only had 1 min left so we pushed on and made it!!! We felt great, so pleased to have made it!

We have today finished W4 R3. Breathing recovers quickly, no aches and pains and am actually really enjoying it!

Bring on W5, looks daunting, but hasn't each week?? .....

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I'm really pleased to read this. I start week 4 tomorrow!! Well done on getting this far!


I have just finished week four to and loved it. Really feel like Im actually running rather than walking most of it. Well done you week five here we come


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