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Park Run Results

parkrun results for NHS Couch to 5k

Results for Aberdeen parkrun, event number 42, 21/07/2012.

The following club members participated:

63 Lauren MOIR 00:28:02

Results for Braunstone parkrun, event number 90, 21/07/2012.

The following club members participated:

103 Andy STEVENSON 00:28:33

139 Joanne SMITH 00:37:28

Results for Bryn Bach parkrun, event number 1, 21/07/2012.

The following club members participated:

67 Andrea Lynda BIRD 00:36:25

Results for Bushy Park parkrun, event number 420, 21/07/2012.

The following club members participated:

835 Karen Ann NUSSBAUM 00:45:04

Results for Queens parkrun, event number 22, 21/07/2012.

The following club members participated:

48 Fiona TEAGUE 00:29:56

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Wow - look at that - 6 of us. Well done you lot. And some amazing times too. Am I right in thinking Lauren is now our record-holder for NHSC25K parkruns? Well done - virtual trophy beaming its way to you.

I was all set to do Guildford again but it was cancelled due to the olympic torch or something. Good job I didn't go as I'd have embarrassed myself as my run by myself was an all time (s)low. But this isn't about me - well done you lot :)


Great to see more of us doing this. And for anyone reading, please don't worry about your time or how it compares to others, whether thats fellow C25k-ers or "proper" runners (no offence lol!)

It is all about beating the clock and hopefully improving your own time as you keep going.

I am chuffed, my first parkrun result was 38.24, which at the time was almost 5 mins less than on my solo runs, and then last Saturday I did it in nearly 2 mins less, (despite being very hot!) so I am very happy and looking forward to my next one! :-)


The current standings as I make it:-

1Lauren MOIR 00:28:02

2Andy STEVENSON 00:28:33

3Lucy ENGLISH 00:28:45

4Fiona TEAGUE00:29:56

5Wilma HARPER 00:31:12

6Helen HILL 00:31:22

7Rachel SERGISON 00:31:23

8Elizabeth STOTT00:32:17

9Andrea Lynda BIRD00:36:25

10Gillian COMFORT 00:37:13

11Joanne SMITH 00:37:28

12Karen Ann NUSSBAUM 00:45:04


So if you do parkrun they know you have done c25K?

I know it's a long way off for me, I'm only on week 5 but I'm just thinking for the future :)


C25K is a registered parkrun running group. All you do it select it on your profile when you sign up. You should defiantly go for it after graduation (or even before) it's lots of fun :)


Excellent :) looking forward to it


When you register for Parkrun you can select NHS Couch to 5K as your running club if you want to. That's how the results can then be filtered to appear on here. You don't have to have completed the program to be able to do it. I just finished week 7 last week and went to my 1st Parkrun on Saturday. It was really good fun :)

You can also go along and walk or just do 1 lap - it's always worth a visit.

Best of luck!


Brilliant, I'll go do a google search for it now.


Seems I am the poster child for "I'm slow at Parkrun but I don't care its too much fun" Hopefully I'll motivate a few of you who are hesitant to Parkrun before graduation ...I've yet to get past w6r3 (due to injury)


How much of the Parkrun did you run/jog for, did you walk at all? I did W6R2 today, and can tell I'm getting fitter, but did drag myself round for the 20 minutes in one go - not getting anywhere near 5k, though! Not sure I'd manage moving for 40 minutes or so :S

Also found out that someone at work does the Parkrun (I'm an intern, so have only met the guy once or twice) and that almost puts me off! I'm ok running with strangers around early in the morning, but not so sure about people I know seeing me...


Wow what a great turn out this week, must've been the sunshine! Well done everyone :D

I guess I have to come clean, my name isn't Rose ;) I was over the moon with my first under 30 time last week and wasn't holding out for anything faster this week. Not sure what happened but the sun was shining and there was none of the usual gale force wind/rain to hold me back so just went for it. Thank you for the virtual trophy, I'll keep it safe until someone overtakes me which won't be long I'm sure!


Well done Lauren! We are all chasing you lol


Well Done! - cracking time :-)


Just found this post and really chuffed to find myself on the list (no4)! Thank you for all your kind words.

Park run is a brilliant idea. I run alone so had no idea how how I was progressing after graduating last year. Encouraged by positive comments on here about Parkruns I psyched myself up to go for the first time 2 weeks ago. Even though I am way behind the pack I think it still encourages me not to stop and really push myself. I was 48th out of 53 but the 1st (and only) lady in my age range (50-54)!


Congratulations to all the c25k parkrunners. :) Can't wait to be able to join you. Not quite ready yet though, as I discovered this morning!


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