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Week 11, Run 1: New PB, Too Hot and I miss the Rain

I took the 5 minute walking warm up out of my time this morning, which meant I ran the whole 5K, which took me a new PB of 38:28.

It's 10 times as difficult in the heat though - due to our 'summer', I haven't really had to run in any kind of humidity before. I must say, I prefer the damp and wet conditions! (Not the cleaning up of my gear afterwards though!)

I'm positive that I can go a lot quicker, which is a good sign and I shall try and beat the 38 minute barrier this week.

Wow, it's just occured to me that I'm running nearly double what the dreaded Week 5, Run 3 asks of us! Now if that isn't motivation for myself and all of you fledgling runners out there, I don't know what is!!

Happy Running folks - DRINK DRINK DRINK!! (Water that is.....)

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oh well done thats fantastic


Well done :)


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