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Does proper gear make you a runner?

Since starting on C25k I've gradually upgraded my running gear. There's no doubt that good trainers and technical gear make it more comfortable. However as I walked back to the house after my run this morning I did wonder if there was more to it than that. When I first started on this programme I would go out in something which looked like normal clothing. Basically I wanted people who saw me to think I was going for a walk and I would only run when I got to the woods and people couldn't see me. Now I don't mind and walking home red-faced in my gear says "I've been for a run" and I'm happy about that. Also I realise no-one actually notices runners.

What do others think?

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Yep, totally agree and I think wicking clothing makes life more comfortable!


I currently have no proper gear whatsoever (though I've only just started out I suppose). Just like you were, I'm pretending I'm just going out for a walk and not running til I'm somewhere where no one can see me. And just in case I come across any earnest dog walkers along the way....well I go out at 6.30am and hope most of them aren't that earnest or keen!



yes and no! I think once you get past that initial fitness bit (i.e. get to the point you can run about 30 mins) then running becomes much more in the mind from there and in all honesty a bit of gear helps me with that. Nothing like a nice new pair of shorts or a shirt to make me want to go out and see if I can now run like Roger Bannister ;-)

It is however much more comfortable, nothing like a decent wicking top and once you have tried a pair of specialist running socks nothing else will do. In the winter a pair of tights is wonderful.


when I started I wore tracky bottoms & an old tshirt but got so hot & sweat so much that the back of my tracky bottoms looked as if I had wet myself! & Id had someone pour water down my back.

I now opt for proper running leggings (with a skirt attached of course) & they are so comfortable. shirts are still normal muscle man tshirts but with the nice weather I am on the lookout for something comfortable & that will "wick" the moisture away. & a running hat ~ that will definitely make me a proper runner :) but not pink, why oh why does everything have to be pink??


No, I don't think it makes you a runner, however I can't deny that it does help! You could be running for thirty minutes in a santa suit and still be a 'runner' in my eyes, as it's the effort and hard work you put into your runs that qualifies you for the runner title.

However! It does help. I have a top and wicking leggings, which I have to admit are extremely comfy to run in. I tend to cycle them during the week with my cotton t-shirts and track-suit bottoms, and I come back far drier in the wicking material.

Like Shelleymcb, I do wish they'd provide other colours though! I seem to be going down the route of yellow: florescent yellow socks, yellow armband, yellow stripes on my trousers. I'm starting to feel more like a lollipop lady than a runner! I just need the bright yellow jacket now.


Because of the extrimely hot weather, I always use a dry fit T shirt / top, mid lenght leggins , a proper bra as despite not being overly gifted my breast hurt if not properly placed in a supportive bra and of course my shoes for overpronate people. I prefer wearing a visor instead of a hat to avoid over heating.


I wear 'proper' gear too, far more comfortable. But boy oh boy do I wish they made mor estuff in larger sizes :(


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