W8r1 there's running in the rain and running in a total downpour- with thunder!!!

Had 2 rest days , so needed to run today. I use the term "run" in its widest sense. Got back from work, got changed and went out with pooch in tow. (Or rather she tows me for the first minute or so until she gets to the grass for a wee). We just about did our 5 mins warm up , then there was a massive roll of thunder and the heavens opened. To go back? I hardly considered it. I am stubborn. Once soaked , you can't get much more soaked! Went on the golf course. Even the trees round the edge weren't much shelter. It was tipping it down. Could hardly see where I was going. Dog had picked up a tree branch ( she doesn't do any old stick) and was trotting round after me. There were actually people playing golf. I suppose if you've paid your money.... My shoes were full of water, my dog biscuits were getting soggy. At least I had a spare poo bag to wrap my phone in to keep it and Laura dry. Did it anyway. 28 minutes!!! Absolutely soaked and an extremely soggy doggy. Big thunderclap as we arrived home. Now dry clothes and a glass of wine . Sorry, Laura, took on enough water earlier.


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  • Well done for sticking with it :) Love your last line 'Sorry, Laura, took on enough water earlier' lol

  • Once the rain eased up a little bit, it was quite pleasant. It's hammering down agin now in the wast midlands, I've just seen some one running past our house. He will be even more soaked than I was , if that's possible. But maybe he's a pro with technical running gear rather than old tracky bottoms and an old sweatshirt? Anyway, He deserves at least two glasses of wine when he has finished . Must have absorbed litres of water on his outing. The noise of rain on the conservatory roof is deafening . My son is in a tent at Glastonbury . Hope it is not quite as bad there .

  • That's dedication!

    My dog would have headed home... with me in tow!

    So well done on your run and hope you enjoyed it.

  • I did enjoy it after the first ten minutes or so . Couldn't have been any wetter. Dog managed to carry her branch home, so think she liked it . Banned to the kitchen for while after a rub dry though. She was soaking . She pulls like h..l on the lead , but once off the lead she just trots behind me , or crosses over in front of me , so I often nearly trip over her . I think the brachial she was carrying was so heavy that she could only trot behind . I was going so slowly though, it was not hurting her, so please don't report me for cruelty!!! She barely broke into a trot !!! We have a pile of firewood at the front door. Shame we haven't a wood burner.

  • I know the feeling!

    The only time I tried to run with the dog on the lead (we were in town) he set such a pace that I could not complete my run.

    But where I live, we run in the forest and he is usually a few meters in front of me. When he wants to turn back he drags his legs and comes under my feet... and when we have turned back, miraculous recovery and he once again trots happily in front!

    As for the firewood, it is strewn all over the garden and as soon as we tidy it up he goes and redistribute it again!

  • My dog hates thunder! She would have been looking for a hole to hide in! Well done on completing.

    S X

  • Gun dog breed so bangs don't bother her. Or is she just insensitive?

  • I re-enact and when we fired our guns a villager came to complain that his two gun dogs did a runner!

  • Well done on sticking at it. A little light rain is lovely - heavy downpours beyond the call of duty! Clearly you are as addicted as the rest of us.

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