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Just done week 6 day, 2 i was doing all right till i fell flat on my face after the second run ( stubbed my foot and went down like a sack of spuds)

im ok just my ego dented. But getting back to the run ok for the first 10 mins and the second was harder than i thought as i did the 20 mins last week on day 3 of week 5 ok i thought two 10 mins would be easy, hope that i can crack the 25 min run on day 3, i will give it a good go anyway

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Glad you aren't badly hurt! As for Wk6R2 feeling harder than expected, that is really, really normal. I was surprised too, when I got to week 6 and thought it would be a breeze. Turns out there is a difference between running 20 minutes one time, and being able to run like that over and over again - it just needs a little more endurance-building, which is what you are doing in week 6. So good for you for keeping it up, and don't worry too much about run 3. Did you surprise yourself with week 5 run 3? Of course you did. You will do it again, I am sure for week 6!


Thanks for the support hope run 3 goes ok


I thought 10 mins x 2 would be easy as well but found Wk6R2 tough. Remember your still running for 20 mins whether there is a break in the middle or not. I wouldn't say run 3 was easy but I found it was better than run 2.

Best of luck!


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