Seafront run with virtual running pals Real Foodie Club, plus Ancient Mum, Miss Wobble (IC )and Poppypug! :)

Seafront run with  virtual running pals Real Foodie Club, plus Ancient Mum, Miss Wobble (IC )and Poppypug! :)

well , my alarm went off and felt VERY sleepy, but this morning was my virtual run taking Real Foodie club to cheer her up! Plus, as she likes Shanklin we had decided on a seafront run to bring back nice memories! we got down there around 6.40am, and who should be there as a lovely surprise but Ancient mum and miss wobble from the IC, plus Poppypug carrying a C25K flag!(cos she dreams of running by the sea!)

we did our warm up walk along the prom and set off past the beach huts. There were lots of people out and about already, and everyone was really friendly today with lots of hellos! (they don't get to see such a lovely gang of ladies all out together very often obviously!!) we took it a bit fast 1st k, then settled to a steady pace! half way mark was a little past the pier and we swung round the marker lamp post and headed back! it was getting hot already and we perspired quite alot! Poppy and MW loved seeing all the dogs playing ball and splashing in the sea, (george had stayed home today as a bit too hot and too far!) but he had been there last night having a lovely swim when it was cooler!

we were in the last k and managed a very mini sprint finish, then a cool down walk to the car..........

squashed you all in my 205 and back to mine for freshen up, fruit salad and toast with blackcurrant jam that one of my customers at work has made! its So yummy! accompanied by a large pots of tea, we sat in the garden and george frolicked for attention! and vowed to do it all again another day! :)

then off to work and stocktake ! :( you came too and sat on the patio drinking coffee and eating cake til you had to return home.................... nice having you 4 for company! :)


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43 Replies

  • Love it! Fab, fab post aliboo. Gorgeous photo and I wish I was there too!

  • Thanks IP, you are very welcome to join us! all of c25kers were with us in every step!! :)

  • Brill post ALiboo! AND what a lovely pic too. Well jel.....

  • You can be our honorary girl Dan, after all you look SO good in tights! :)

    such a shame have to go to work now.. bugger! :X

  • Ha ha Love it Ali, I achieved my dream at last ! - Thankyou so much ! :-)

    Fab, fab post , and thank you for inviting me , we must do it again soon :-) xxx

  • same time next week??!! i can show you all the sights of the Island! :)

  • Oooh yes please , would love to , see you then :-) xxx

  • Thanks Ali! I had a fab old time. I've not talked so much in ages. Talk and run. Oooer

  • your virtual legs were going great guns! a glimpse of the near future! :) and you gave me tips on my veggies in the garden and taught George lots of good manners! :) oops hes barking now at the thunder! :X

  • OH a virtual run ... So much more easy than a real one... ( makes a mental note to virtually run every day)


    ( OK so I am obsessed with the TAGS now)

    so how come ' fruit salad, toast, blackcurrant jam, tea and cake never made into the TAGS??)

  • thats very true! we shall have to quiz health unlocked on that one! have you tried the tag link game yet??!!

    my proper virtual run tomorrow, ie lie in for rest day! :)

    ps i did run really look at the strava link!!

  • Sounds like a splendid tiem was had by all.

    Forgive me, I have to ask though - is George your husband?

  • very splendid indeed! :) husband! i have Boz my live in OH but hes in Brunei at the moment! George- he's my jack russell! :)

  • That;s reasuring. The frolicking for attention is less disturbing now.

  • i wouldn't put it past him!! :X :)

  • haha, poor old Boz

  • Good post Aliboo, loved reading that

  • thanks Zev! it was fun to write and to imagine them there too! :)

  • Hahaha lovely post Ali and a lovely run, wish I had been there too! Bit of an early start for you all but in this weather its what you need to do. x :-)

  • hi karen! it was really an IC outing but poppy begged to come as it was the seaside so how could i refuse! you'll be with me on my next hilly run, gonna try a bit of the St George's route to see if its a steep as i remember! used to go up it on my school bus! i will need you to encourage me!! you're good at long distances too! :)

    yep early start was nice once i dragged myself up!! hope you're ok??!! x

  • Can't say no to Poppy, bet she wanted a stick of rock! Yes we will get up those hills together, no worries. I'm fine thanks, taking it easy today and tomorrow because of the heat, I can't cope with heat very well, may have to get up early like you x :-)

  • yep rock at the Shanklin rock shop!

    ok will let you know hill run day to get prepared!!

    we've got thunder and lightening here on and off, George is like a crazed looney dog! :X tomorrow going to be REALLY hot, i finish work@2.30pm :)

  • Oh Ali, that was such a lovely run. Nothing like good company and sea breezes to make a good run great. So very pleased to be there.

    Tis many years since my last visit to The I of W (hubby's cricket tour, 2 small children and a hotel with more than its fair share of spiders, if I remember rightly) This was altogether a far far nicer experience. Thank you for your generous hospitality. I think we need to do this more often. I shall give it some serious thought. In the meantime, did I imagine it, or did Pops promise to take us all with her when she does the Leeds 10k in a couple of weeks ? ;) xxx

    Excellent cake by the way

  • Ha ha !

    Oh yes a tour of my hometown, yep I can take you with me, no problem :-) xxx

  • this was where you were whilst i was slaving away at the stocktake!! :X :)

    yes pls to the leeds tour!

  • That looks sooo lovely , what a nice place to stop for a cuppa tea and a bit of cake :-) xxxx

  • thats ok, you are definitely due a trip out!! :) i vote for a different venue each week on rotation! ooh, 2 small children and cricket!! :X sounds like my camping trip at isle of man watching TT races with my sister and her baby, rained all week! :X

    this is the patio you were on for coffee and cake where i work! :)

    Nice cake today as my sister was chef and made nice fruit teabread or a mocha sponge, with a cappuccino went down nicely! :)

    yep definitely need to be escorted round the Leeds 10k!

    this is me on sunday amongst the roadworks!!

  • Awwwww Aliboo my internet has been playing up today and I have just seen this. Love it. Thank you so so much lovely memories. Got married in IOW ten years ago next year, such a special place just the boost I needed. Xxx.

  • was a pleasure to have your company! you'll have to come back for your anniversary!

    :) xxx

  • I shall have to visit! Looks a lovely place to holiday. I shall give my husband a nudge

  • great for walkers and runners! :) c25k holiday meet up!!

  • Not sure how this virtual running works but great post Ali. You've done so well. The best little sister :)

  • what are you after??!! I'm not sure Gus would be happy, no best sisters allowed!! :X :) i still did the run just had my pals that are stuck on IC !! :)

  • lol, i have no idea what IC means. I'm not clued up on computer language :)

  • Injury Couch! you're a member!! :X

  • haha, hmm, never heard that. I'm on the IC. You owe me fruit salad and toast with blackcurrant jam :)

  • no boys were invited to the virtual run!! you need to read more posts, it crops up ALL the time! after all its couch to 5k, and if you're injured you're back on the couch(some of the time anyway!)

  • i'm on the couch more than i'm off it :) . Can't sit around reading posts all day, got a tax bill to pay !

  • :X


  • awww that's so lovely, can I come next time too?? beautiful picky and it all sounds perfect..

  • of course! the more the merrier! :)

  • Love to Ali! I'd like to do the run along the seafront from Boscombe to Bournemouth as well. I can recall watching it in my non-running days and thinking how much I'd like to do it.

  • thats where we were on the bournemouth supersonic last October, very pretty! my old college was in Boscombe, i never ran then either! :) would be lovely!

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