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Happy Hour Again :)

Btw sorry Laura for the “backchat” I gave you tonight, no excuses I know … but it had been a very trying day in our house … not part of my W4R2 plan but hey ho …

Awake at half 3 this am I was tempted to rig up a head torch, dig out the neon lycra alla “previous blog”, leave a trail of chalk marks to show the route I’d taken and head off into the dark, wind & rain, I did say “tempted” didn’t I? Chalk would have washed away anyway :)

So instead I retreated to the couch and watched Flintoff & Dallagio’s Big Ride now there’s a challenge, my head then turns to thoughts of Triathlons – I can imagine my 3 teenagers reaction to that one, let alone hubby’s, synchronised to perfection 4 pairs of eyes roll skywards “she’s off again”. I feel the devilment rise like damp through my trainers to socks and toes when out on a run. I too have hatched a Baldrick*

As my day already just wasn’t panning out, I went with the flow, morning spent 45mins thrashing water in time to music**, dispensed Gordon Blue (lunch not gin) to a best friend … the day was passing too fast, then it happened the blasted phone rang. Was it the 118 team asking for fashion tips? Sadly No. Anyway relayed small rant to hubby before “I’m going for my run & I’m going now.” He managed a where? How long? What do I do about dinner? Before I was out of the door like a greyhound out of the trap – he knew better than to suggest it was that full-on wet rain heading our way not the refreshing drizzle of earlier.

Then Laura mode kicked in, I looked for rainbows when it rained, I thought of those I’ve lost watching over me (no tears thankfully) felt their pride and sent a “this one’s for you” ccbear into the ether then before I knew it my light hearted verbal banter with Laura was over.

I love letting the random setting kick in on my music after Laura’s finished with me. Anyway the very apt Beautiful South & “Happy Hour” came on shuffle, so I extended my session by an impromptu bop & sing-a-long in the kitchen whilst cooking dinner .

My family all think I’m slightly bonkers, which doesn’t bother me ‘cos I know I am :)

Watch this space ...

*cunning plan**aquaerobics

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Brilliant blog - well done Mrs T. I also mentioned a triathlon to my hubby the other night - he did some kind of spluttering sound!!! lol

Keep them coming, they're great.


hi lancslass, don't you just love keeping your hubby on his toes? Think mine would be used to it by now, been together 29 years! x


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