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In mid-November I was away, effectively for two weeks, and on coming home asked on this forum for ideas on how to restart running. runswithdogs suggested Week 4 as a guide, and it worked well - the first time. The second run, a few days later, had a quite different effect and left me with very sore knees. Since then, kneeling or any other action involving bending knees has been painful. After forgetting running for a week or two, I tried a very gentle run, covering only 50 metres or so at a time and then walking, over a period of 20-30 minutes. No improvement and knees were at least as sore as they were before. Finally, I saw my physio and she diagnosed insufficient stretching. My aim when I started C25K was to do a parkrun at Christmas. I've already done three parkruns but there are only a few days to the target and I wonder whether I'll have stretched enough to attempt it. Incidentally, I am also enduring the foam roller torture, as well as the exercises. Foam sounded nice and soft but my roller looks like an HGV tyre and is somewhat harder.


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  • Have you tried knee straps, the band sort that go under your kneecaps? I bought two Mueller straps after I hurt both knees early on in the C25K and have found them really good.

  • I haven't come across knee straps but your suggestion made me look them up. They seem to be a help. Thanks for your advice.

  • Oh no! That's terrible that your knees are bugging you so bad. And right before your goal event! What did your physio advise?

    We don't have parkruns in Canada, but many of our 5k events have people that walk the entire thing. Is it the same for your run? That way you could try giving it a go but drop down to a walk if needs be. Or do a gentle run-walk to keep the impact on your knees less.

    I hope your knees behave for you sooner rather than later.

  • The physio showed me stretches for quads and hamstrings and also told me how to use a foam roller. I'm doing both. Yes, you can walk in a parkrun and indeed there is a power walker with arthritic knees who does just that. Others take walking breaks when they need to. We're not talking those in the 16 minute area, of course.

  • Keep stretching and using the foam roller every day. You should notice a difference almost immediately but you've got to be consistent and keep at it. Doing it once is not enough. And you can always run/walk the parkrun.

  • I'm doing both twice a day, after breakfast and before bed. I sometimes do one of the standing stretches an odd times during the day as well. There's not much time left! I've been keen not to stop during the runs I have done so far but I may have to be prepared to walk a bit next time. Thanks for the advice.

  • Have you or your physio considered if you might require orthotics to correct any mis-alignment of your knees?

  • Something I hadn't thought about and my physio hadn't mentioned. Thanks for the suggestion.

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