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W8R1 - I did it!!

I was a bit nervous after my disastrous run on Saturday and not sure I would manage 28 minutes but I actually did!!

I decided to go a different way which meant going up a long hill that I've avoided up until now. I accidently restarted my MP3 player and had to redo the warm up walk, this meant I had to start running up the hill, not sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing! Going this way meant that I did a full loop of our local gorge. I didn't take my mobile phone out with me this time but I mapped the route when I got home and I can't believe I've done 5.02km!! Admittedly that must have taken about 40 minutes because it includes almost 10 minutes of warm up walk and a bit of the cool down but still, I did it!!

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