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Week 5 accomplished

A hard week, but have made it. Run 2 on Friday evening was the hardest - first time I've had a stitch and overall just felt horrible. Only the enjoyment of the previous 4 weeks and the encouragement on here pushed me to go out and get Run 3 behind me this evening. First 5 minutes, the 4 step beat in my head was "You can't do this, you can't do this..." Second 5 minutes was "Just keep trying". Between 10 and 15, too tired to even think of a beat, just hoping that it would be an adult, rather than an unfortunate child, who would find my body on the path. Then at last in the final 5 it started feeling good and I finished with a smile - totally exhausted, but smiling and with the first real confidence that I can make it through this great programme.

Thank you to everyone here who had written of their own Week 5 stresses and successes - you were all in my head when I needed you.

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Very well done !


I too have just completed Week 5 run 3, I was terrified at the thought of it and could not imagine running 20 minutes without stopping, I couldn't even run for 60 seconds 6 weeks ago. I am so delighted, I had read a lot of comments on here prior to doing it and all of them really helped. It was as much a mental challenge as it was a physical one.

Now for week 6!! I've lost 20lbs in 5 weeks, I firmly believe couch to 5k has changed me for good :)


Starting week 5 tomorrow. It looks tough. Have been counting through the runs up to now but think they are beginning to get too long for me to work out where I am up to. Might give your chanting thing a go!


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