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Rib Pain?

Hey, I had a quick look to see if anyone had posted something similar and I couldn't find it.

I'm just about to start W4, and I still find that I get rib pain only on my right side everytime I run/walk. It even happens during the day walking my normal routines. I did a google and it suggested I wasn't stretching so I stretch more to help relive my rib yet it still hurts, thankfully after 10mins it calms down and doesn't tend to hurt until the next walk/run.

Can anyone offer any advice or is it something to learn to live with?

Thanks :)

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Hey hun

I have had awful problems with something similar, again the right-hand side. I thought it was a stitch for ages until it got really bad and I went to the doctor and he said I had pulled a muscle on a floating rib. If you are new to running/exercising regularly you are breathing a lot more heavily and making your ribcage work a lot harder so he said it wasn't unusual.

He told me that I could take ibuprofen and continue running without worrying about seriously damaging myself but I found it too painful. I tried taking two rest days between each run and it improved for a while but then came back with a vengence. I just took a week off and tried again this morning and although I completed the run I was in pain from about 5 mins in so I am going back to the doctor to see what they say.

Might be worth a trip to the GP to let them prod you and get their opinion? If it's anything like mine it's too painful to ignore and it will stop you running!!


PS he also said don't overstretch it, especially before you run when your muscles are cold.


I have arthritis in my ribcage, and when I first started my ribs hurt. I'm on week 5 and it seems to be getting better with each run, doesn't hurt so much afterwards.

Probably best to get it checked out by your doctor if you're worried.


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