Couch to 5K

Cracked ribs worth it now doing 5K

I started trying to lose weight in Febuary. I started using a fitbit to make me more active. At the start of March I started this program. I got to the last few seconds of run 1 and tripped I hit the ground with a thud and cracked my ribs.

I carried on walking and lost more weight and started running again at the end of April. I was 53 when I started my fitness campaign and 17 stone. 7lbs. I now weigh 15 stone and a few ounces. I have not exercised since my 20's. I am sure many others on the site have done even more but I would just like to say if I can do this anyone can.

Thanks for all the input on this forum it really helps. I hope to stick around and go for the 10k.

Best wishes to all


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Well done for carrying on exercising after cracking your ribs, that would have been a really could excuse to stay on the couch.

I will be looking out for your 10k blogs!


Goodness on week 1 I felt as if my ribs were broken as I was gasping for breath, well done you to carry on when you must have been in terrible pain. Amazing weight loss too, you must feel and look like a different person. I admire your focused attitude too already looking forward to 10K runs, great stuff, well done.


You Da Man! That's is so amazing, you have worked so hard. Such an inspiration. x


Thanks for your kind comments. I could not have done it on my own. I have to admit I am not sure I will ever truly love running but I love the feeling afterwards.


Awesome, if cracking a rib on your first run doesn't put you off nothing will, Olympic 5000 metres 2016 on the list?



Well done for your determination and sheer bloody mindedness at not giving up! I'm in awe! Inspirational! :-)


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