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Rib pain from running

Hi all,

New at this, and new at running. well, about 5 months ago i started running. Started small and worked my way up to 5-7 mile runs. Along the way my ribs started hurting (mainly right ribcage front lower) and seems to radiate down into my stomach and feels bloated on the right side. Related, i also seemed to have strained my lower back, which I am seeing a chiropractor for currently which seems to be helping. My questions are:

Can the sacrum back issues I am having be related to my rib pain?

Is the rib pain normal to still have after almost 6 months? It appears to be worse after each run, and take a couple days to subside to normal.

Thanks for any help anyone can suggest in stretches or ideas of how to handle the pain.



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I'd go see a sports physio. A good one is worth their weight in gold. In the meantime, could it be a result of your posture when you run?


Have you mentioned your rib and stomach pain to your chiropractor? My chiropractor treats me as a whole, not just the bit I complain about when I go in to see her :D If so, and there's nothing s/he can do, I'd go and get it checked out by your GP to make sure there's nothing else going on. Hope you get it sorted.


I got rib pain, and some of it at the top,of my rib cage, almost like indigestion

As I ran further and longer it disappeared. I think we just get stronger as we go through the process of developing as runners but anything we can do to help the process is a good idea. We need to be strong to avoid injury

Just take your time and develop slowly.


> I got rib the top,of my rib cage, almost like indigestion

Don't want to be a scaremonger, but that sounds ominous, especially the indigestion bit. Tell a doctor if you haven't already.


It might be your posture causing the muscles between the ribs to work harder than they're used to. When I started opera training my teacher said that a lot of women breathe from their shoulders and not their diaphragms which might also explain the pain at the upper tummy. It might be that your body is trying to run with better lung efficiency or I might be totally off!

I hope you find someone/thing that can help, and let us know how you get on?

Fingers crossed! :-)


I ran uphill and downhill today and I got the rib cage/indigestion thing a bit. A lot of middle jiggling and exertion so I would expect to feel some discomfort as it's hard effort with lots of side to side movement


Did you get to the bottom of this? ankylosing spondylitis crosses my mind. Rib pain and lower back pain are two symptoms.


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