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Week 4, run 1 - I did it!

I'd completely convinced myself that I wouldn't be able to manage this session, but I did it! Went out at around 9pm last night, and I set off on the first run reeeeaaalllllyyyyy slowly. I kept up this tortoise-like pace throughout, and concentrated on running as effortlessly as possible. This definitely paid off, as I found the session positively easy! Didn't struggle at all. In fact, I feel like I've cheated by going so slowly, as none of the previous sessions have been that easy, lol. I think I will have to pick up the pace a tiny bit next time, so it seems like more of a workout.

It was chucking it down with rain, which meant there was hardly anyone else around, so I didn't have to worry about being overtaken by someone walking quickly (a constant fear when I am running). I like running in the rain - it makes me feel all outdoor-sy, and also smug and virtuous that I am out being good in spite of the weather. The added bonus is it stops me overheating as much as usual (I think this also contributed to last night feeling easier than usual).

16 minutes in total of running feels like a great achievement - even at my ultra-slow pace, I reckon I must have covered a mile in running, if you add all the bits together. I also liked that Laura pointed out that you're now running more than walking - makes me feel I can more justifiably say I'm going out for a run (rather than a walk with some short runs interspersed!).

When I'd finished my cool-down walk, I walked back into my estate by a different entrance to that I'd left by, to discover that the rain had worsened the localised flooding. I had to take my shoes and socks off and wade though a knee-deep puddle the size of the average swimming pool!

I'm rewarding myself today with a nice Sunday lunch at a local pub, (if I can somehow negotiate the puddle in jeans and shoes). Yum!

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Great job finishing the first run of week 4, despite the puddle ponds! I start week 4 tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have the same result as you. :)


Well done svenena. I'll be starting week 3 tomorrow, but had a sneaky peek at week 4 earlier. The mental challenge is a huge part of going from one week to the next, I've decided, but I think I'll follow your example and take the first run slowly.


Good on you svenena - my first week 4 today too, was fearful but better than I expected, I like running in the rain too it keeps me cool.


Well done Svenena! I'm just about to start W4R1 and have come on here for a quick peek to see what people are saying/feeling. I'm a little apprehensive to say the least. I just hope I feel as good as you when I get home !!!


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