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The Pox

Well 2 weeks ago my middle son got chicken pox and that meant confined to barracks, I roped the MIL into popping over to do a spot of ironing whilst I took my little one to nursery and then had a sneaky run, I managed 2 runs so not bad. Yesterday (Fri 13th) My littlest got the Pox and he is pickled in the buggers now, As much as I feel for him and I do, I really do, The thought of another week within these walls fills me with dread!!! Will I get out for a run? Can I rope my MIL in again? Might be taking the Pee a bit:( Anyway, I haven't missed a week since starting this so I'm now panicking!!! The spotty monster is in bed, I am having a well earned Voddy and I'll worry about the running on Monday...What do you think???!!! ;)

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I was 24 when I had chicken pox and it wasn't nice! At least your little ones are getting it out the way!

I think you should get MIL to come over next week, maybe don't make her do the ironing though :) Even if she can only come once it'll be a good break for you and you won't feel the guilt of not running for a week!

Worst case scenario she can't come and you temporarily lose your mind being at home with the pox, you can make up for it the week after :) xxx


Any chance you aske her again, surely she would not mind looking after them so you could get out for a while. Otherwise perhaps ask a friend to do you a favour!

Hope you have had the pox already!


Thanks I had it when I was 38 and pregnant with son 2! Horrid experience. My little one now has infection in his spots and is on antibiotics, poor little love, I think this week will be reserved for cuddles and kids TV.....GULP!!!


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