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Confession of a label addict

To all those I’ve ridiculed (in the past) for wobbling around my locale, clad in neon lycra*, in all weathers, of all abilities, at any time of night or day, from the comfort of my motor - I apologise profusely & salute you heartily :) please accept my apology for I believe I may have joined your growing ranks x

Today began with my husband saying “what on earth are you doing up at this unearthly hour?” 6.30 !

No doubt surprised to see me awake let alone vertical at that time !!

“Where on earth are you going without the car in this dreadful weather?” 7.00 !!!

Gobsmacked hubby watched me head out, though it had taken me 30 mins to choose an appropriate outfit …

So I'd surprised not only myself for W4R1, breathing (check) pace (check) posture (check) returned home elated at my progress to rehydrate (check) shower (check) refuel (check) mark progress on calendar (check) Can you see a pattern emerging here? Laura will be proud :)

Realising I only had to taxi youngest this am I proceed car wards with a spring in my step to catch an all too familiar knowing glance from my 15yr old daughter (sadly I have obviously taught her this look a little too well for my own good) as she clocks my compression leggings (for recovery purposes only you understand – I am not acquiring a thing for lycra*I tell myself)

I drive her in mutual silence to her destination, soooooo tempted to get out and wave her off just for sheer devilment you understand, not to unduly cause her any further embarassment.

Please don’t misread our relationship from this snippet of info, I know she is as deeply proud of me as I am of her. I include it only to illustrate

“be careful what you say for one day it could come back to bite you on the bum … even lycra* can’t protect me/you then”

*other forms of elastication are available

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haha. that lycra is becoming addictive! personally I choose lycra with an overskirt attached.

as for the embarassment, try driving into school, winding the windows down & turning up your favourite 80s music. its amazing how quickly kids will want to get into school :)

btw, hubbie has a particular cd for this. its by dr spok & captain kerk & is sooooo 70s weird.



lol the aforementioned 15yr old is the only child I know that aged 7 went to school as David Bowie, complete with wig, for World Book Day. She had lots of explaining to do ... his music playing in the car inspired a Labyrinth book & film obsession she has to this day :)

Have to check your recommendations out, thanks :)


excellect blog


thank you - apology accepted?


LOL, love your sense of humour, you have been well a truely bitten by the running bug, its fun isn't it!?!


thank you, I enjoy reading all the blogs that bring a smile to my face, so it's payback time :)


ROTFL! Great blog!

My 25 year old lycra shorts are beginning to make me nervous....I know it is WAY beyond it's useful life/stretch tolerance limits, and the thought of them letting go mid-stride gives me a funny hitch in my gitty-up!

Have fun!


thank you too Grammadog1947 :) think the only item of clothing I posess from almost 25 years ago is my wedding dress! Maybe I should try it on for my post graduation photo ...


Lol to all these comments you have certainly cheered up my boring Saturday night!


why thank you lanclass - laughter makes the world go round here :)


Ha ha, Know exactly what you mean. I have found myself going out in the pouring rain - just like those nutters I used to scoff at from the car.

My daughter (13) wont let me out in my leggings in case someone from school sees me!!

I have invested in some lovely rather fetching running tops though

Now if only I could get past week 4...


:) I have been offered the loan of said 15yr olds leggings previously - only proviso was only to be worn for my trek in Peru, as no-one would see me she knows!


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