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W2R3 report 1 word = 30 seconds

Walk Rain Walk Rain Walk Rain Walk Rain Walk Rain

Run Easy Run

Walk Rain Walk Rain

Run Run Run

Highlandterrier f@ckoff Walk Walk

Run Rain Dog

Walk slower walk slower

Run Breath Run

Walking Rain Puddle Walking

Run struggle Run

Walk Breeeeeeeath Breeeeeeeath Walk

Ruuuuuuun Ruuuuuuuun Lauuuuuraplease

Crawlhome Crawlhome Crawlhome Crawlhome Rain Crawlhome your getting the message

Week 2 done no thanks to mother nature, highland terriers & dog owners in general.

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This has made me chuckle :-) but well done !


What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?



:-) Well done for achieving the runner's write of passage AKA 'barking dog'. I've found the small ones are the worst offenders - got the treatment from a miniature poodle the other week.


I love this :)


I'm like a f*cking dog magnet at the moment, I'm beginning to accept that the rain may be my friend, but every time I pop on a pair of shorts every miniature breed for a hundred miles heads down to the park where I run. Gonna take kids super soaker next run, that will teach the little b@sterds. Mind you, I might use it on the owners instead!


A silly idea .. but it may work if it doesn't suffocate you: Get a cheap aerosol of airfreshener and spray your shoes before you run. Why: put wall of dog repelling pong around your ankles. It might work


'Laurapleeeeease!' I so relate to that. :)


OMG! Sooooooo perfectly captures W2R3! LOL!

Good luck with the ankle-biters!

Good (make that dog free) running to you!


Yep, pretty much resembled my w2 r3 this morning, but after 5 minutes brisk walk (ahem) at the end I had to send my other half to get the car as my timing was out and I finished too far away and my legs/hips refused to work on me for one step further!!!!!


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