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All new gear, but a fail

Was looking forward to W4R2. Shopped this morning for Asics Patriot 4, capri running pants and a breathable top. Did a good walk, did a good first 3 minutes, then my phone switched off!

I then spent the next couple of minutes getting it back on and fast forwarded to the right place, but couldn't get my breathing down. Then my heartbeat raced a bit and as I have previous problems with palpitations, I panicked a bit and that made it worse!

Anyway, I walked for the 5 minute session and the following 2.5 min walk and it finally regulated, so I ran the second half OK.

But really annoyed with myself as it's my first fail :(

But you have to listen to your body sometimes and not just Laura!

I think I will redo R2 on Thursday and move on after that.

Oh, and I have just spent the last 2 hours factory restting my phone with husband! Been having memory problems with it and I think that was what caused it to stop running mapping app and switch off.

The good news is....I love my new Asics!

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Just put today's outing as a test drive for the new gear. Glad you like our Asics I love mine too.


Well, to me it sounds like you found a way to make what could have been a failure into a success. You still completed a 30 minute session, and you are taking the necessary steps to ensure that you next Wk4 R2 session goes more smoothly. You have a good attitude and didn't let today's events sidetrack you. Keep up the good work!


Still lapping them on the couch! :)

I love my Asics too :D


I'm sure you'll manage the next time - you already did W4R1 so you know you can do it. Shame about the phone - how very annoying, to put it mildly. Try not to take it too hard, you can still finish week 4 this week and be on schedule. I'm at the same stage as you - see you in week 5!! Can you believe it?


Aw, thanks for the encouragement. Yes, I'll give it a fresh go tomorrow.


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