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This week I have begun my couch to 5k and have 2 runs under my belt. I am trying to change my diet at the same time to lose the gut but on doing so I feel hungry all the time. Is this normal. I have a bowl of cereal around then yesterday had 2 well filled wholemeal wraps filled with chicken slices, peppers, mixed salad, tomato and a low fat dressing, also a banana, 2 apples, bottle of water, a peach and a low fat yoghurt, all spread out through the morning. By lunchtime I was hungry again and had another wrap, then an hour later had a fourth and more fruit. I am a delivery driver so loads of water is not great as I don't always have access to a loo. I feel like i'm eating a lot more than I did when I wasn't eating healthy and i'm still not full. Anyone else experienced this?


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  • Just some thoughts:

    I recommend oats and almonds and chopped up fruit such as apple or pear in the morning.

    Perhaps try making a big bowl of wholewheat pasta with chicken and veggies which you can tuck into throughout the day. Tuna and egg are also filling.

    You may well be dehydrated which is making you feel more hungry.

  • Congratulations on startin gthe programme and on your healthy diet regime. :) Sounds like you have a very long morning if it starts at 5am. You might like to consider slow-release foods like porridge for breakfast. Wholemeal toast with humus or peanut butter is also slow release.Try swapping wraps for a peanut butter (and banana) sandwich Have you thought about pasta salads? Made with wholemeal pastas they are also slow release and will keep you full for longer. Don't forget the importance of soups to keep you hydrated and feeling full. It sounds as if your diet is healthy but there is a lot of sugar in all that fruit and that won't help you to feel full. It takes time for the body to get used to any new regime and you are giving yours plenty of change to cope with. it will become easier over time. Let us know how you get on. :)

  • I know it is awkward in your job but you should probably try to drink more water. It's always best when you feel hungry to have a drink of water, wait a while and see if you still feel hungry.

    Have a look into low GI foods to help keep your blood sugar levels on an even keel.

    It's worth remembering that you will feel more hungry simply because you have started exercising and your body probably needs to get used to your new diet.

    Good luck :-)

  • Thanks for all the helpful responses folks, the pasta salad sounds good and ill try drink more too. Don't like fish but can manage tuna mayo but the mayo maybe not a good idea. Maybe the porridge too. Just don't want to have to think too much about counting calories and working out ingredients in everything, soup is a good suggestion too! thanks again folks and thanks for the encouragement!

  • I started weight watchers and couchto5k pretty much in the same week. In the first few days I was hungry all the time, in the second week I used up all my points and in my third week, I am struggling to use up all my points so I would say stick eating to healthy food and you will be surprised how quickly your stomach size will shrink. Good luck !

  • Try the extra light mayo instead of normal mayo - much better. For pasta salads adding something like chorizo can add a lot of flavour for not a lot of meat so that is always an idea.

    Good luck. And remember that bananas are always good after a run. Laura says so :)

  • I'm also up at 5, get my porridge ready the night before and leave it in the fridge - it saves time in the morning and seems to make better porridge. 1 scoop of oats + 3 scoops of milk or water and adding a banana if I need a treat. I use a shot glass as a measure oats and milk. Porridge is cheap if you buy the big bags, saves lots of £ on buying expensive and sugary cereals. If I don't get my porridge I'm hungry all day.


  • like Moosele I make breakfast the night before, only my choice is museli with orange juice - this softens the oats, fruits, nuts and seeds and makes the whole thing even more easily digestible and gives a slower release energy meal. It might not be to everyones taste but it works for me :) Whilst on the subject of oats it pays to read those labels as some are more processed like the "Quick" oats which will not satisfy your appetite as long as others, well done

  • Since I've started doing c25k (I'm on week 2) I've also been using myfitnesspal to track my calories. It makes it really easy to keep track of what you've eaten, how many calories you're 'earned' from exercise and how many calories you've got left that day to reach your weight goal (if you are trying to lose weight). I'm just eating sensibly (not dieting) and I haven't felt hungry, but have already lost at least 4lbs. I recommend checking it out.

    I started doing an active job last year, and couldn't understand why I wasn't losing weight, but I think I had subconsciously increased my food intake to cope with the extra energy I was expending. Drink that water, but gradually throughout the day, and you shouldn't find it a problem. It definitely helps with curbing appetite.

  • I do Slimming World and they do a 7 day taster menu on their website which might give you some more ideas about how to eat better. I have done this plan and I find I can eat lots and still lose weight, if I had to starve I could not do it so this may be worth a look at.