Super Mouse and Battle Dog

Super Mouse and Battle Dog

Woooooohooooo a parkrun personal best today 5k in 39 minutes and 37 seconds, thats 50 seconds faster than my previous time. And considering my last run was last Sunday (2miles) the run before that was another week away (5miles) and I'd had 2 weeks off running poorly before that I am pretty pleased with myself.

Though if only I'd not dropped to walking during the last half k I wonder if I could have got a sub 38 minute 5k, but I'm not gonna beat myself up cause well really I've had about a month of only about 2 runs so I am really pleased.

Plus I completed my first week of new job and have successfully used the hungry caterpillar (tram) all week - I'm not very good with public transport.

But I might have broken my blender :'( no more smoothies

P.s obviously I didn't take the picture. Its from the beeston parkrun Flickr group. I look like a fat blob with an odd expression, not sure if I have my tongue poking out or not but Ferd looks fabs.


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39 Replies

  • Well done. I will be doing my first one at the end of the month. Ive never ran 5k outside. I did just under 4k in 25 mins yesterday though. I was a mess!!!

  • Thank you.

    Park runs are fab you will do great.

  • Yes the camera man was crouched down at the finish.

    I was really impressed with myself I thought I was gonna have to do much more walking than I did and I only dropped to a walk cause I got my second ever stitch, now if I'd have know I was doing so well I would have tried to push on through, really thinking I need do need that garmin now..... Almost payday..... Arrrgggghhhh but house insurance due :'(

    I just wish I didn't have some kind of weird thing going on with my face.

  • Welcome back Spoonie and Battle Dog.

    You both look fab and a very good time on your park run.

    I love your nickname for the tram. They were just starting to run when we left, so never had the pleasure to try them. I bet they added new routes by now!

    How is the new job going?

    I was wondering how you were going to fit the running when the new job started, but obviously you manage.

    Happy running

  • Thank you.

    Caterpillar goes from hucknall and Phoenix park to the main train station, they are extending the line now to beeston not sure when it will ever be finished. I did ride on a Sheffield tram when I was younger but never had to deal with the whole ticket buying working out stops.

    New job is going ok, picking it up, but more office admin than I was expecting, I've never dealt with post before or done filing but I get to use a stamper thingy so that kept me happy. It's not as technical as I am used to but busy so I don't think I will have time to get bored and the team are all lovely.

    Next week I am going to see if I can manage some after work runs.

  • Good luck!

  • Well done and congratulations on your new PB :) That's a great photo, too and both you and Ferd look great :)

  • Thank you

  • Fantastic :-)

  • Thank you

  • Fab stuff Spoonie, great photo , oh look at Ferd, hes smiling for the camera , ha ha :-)

    Well done to you both on your PB, and hope the jobs going well.

    Good to see you back up and running :-) xxx

  • Thank you.

    I am hoping to fit in some after work runs next week and maybe I can get another parkrun PB next Saturday :)

  • Both looking fab!!! No putting yourself down! Congrats on your new pb :D

  • Thank you

  • Well done Spoonie - you and Ferd look great and a PB too! Glad you are feeling better and survived the first week at work - On a winning streak now!

  • Thank you

  • Well done! Great photo of you both.

  • Thank you

  • Well done on the PB and the new job.

    Both of you look amazing if that's the end of a 5k.

  • Thank you

  • Great news about the job, hope it continues to go well and you can 'slot in'. Well done on the Parkrun and lovely picture of you both.

  • Thank you, I'm already kinda helping to train the people who started on the same day lol, I've already picked up the computer systems so I decided I'd rather let my colleagues have more time than me. Still have a lot to learn with the actual decision making stuff and interpreting the info but I'm not expected to know it all at once :D

    Really feeling optimistic that I will be able to work and keep on running.

  • *Waves* Hello Spoonie, and hello lovely Ferd. I love the new slicked back ear look he's going for, what a stunner.

    You've done so well today, you must have put so much effort in to run like that when you haven't been able to get out regularly, savour that PB. You can always think 'I could have done more' but you did really well, and there will be another PB out there somewhere along the line :)

  • Thank you.

    I can't lie there was no real effort on my part, I went with the aim of just getting round, I didn't feel like I was pushing myself so has made me realise I probably can push myself a bit more than I think, I am really pleased with myself.

    Hopefully now it's starting to get cooler Ferd and me can make it to parkrun more often.

    I do however really ache this morning so I can really tell that I've not been running a lot recently, need to get back into the pool to help the aches but I am going to increase activities slowly along side job, I can't afford to make myself sick

  • Congratulations on the PB! You're both looking good :)

  • Thank you

  • Congrats on your PB. Great photo of you both. I'm looking forward to Parkrun coming to Banbury in September.

  • Thank you.

    You will love parkrun.

    Oooh Banbury I've not been there in a few years, although I only seem to remember debenhams and the corn exchange!

  • Awesome, just awesome!

  • Thank you

  • Hey Spoonie! I was wondering how you were doing! You look fab, and so does your doggy! Congrats on your PB, I can only dream of that ind of time ATM

  • Thank you. I am really impressed with myself when I started I never would have believed I could have run 5k in that sort of time. I am finally starting to feel proud of my 5k time rather than apologetic.

    It's my time and my acheievement, we are all different and all should all celebrate our achievement

  • Wow, great pic and marvellous PB! Good luck with the new job :)

  • Thank you

  • Spoonie! Hello! :-)

    Brilliant stuff - though sorry to hear about the blender! :-( I must admit, I sort of misconnected a little and thought to myself "why the hell were you running with a blender in the first instance? Was this some sort of run/blend challenge of which I was previously unaware?" but then I realise the two weren't intimately connected! :D

    I really love that photo! :-) You look in your element and Ferd looks so happy too! :-)

    I hope the new job is going well, I really do. :-) Tramcars are great, aren't they? Not as much good as a funicular, mind, but still good. We have a tram network here which I use about once a week and it's always pretty efficient.

    How are you finding fitting your running around work?

  • Blender is indeed dead :( but it's ok I have one of these arriving tomorrow

    And look see a sports bottle totally running related :D

    Have you reached the top of the swimming lessons queue yet? I do hope so.

    Job is going ok so far. The tram is actually ok accept on the two occasions so far I haven't been able to get a seat, on one journey I had to stand the whole way and it completely destabilised my knee and by the time I got to my car I just wanted to cry cause of the pain from all my shook up joints, there are disabled priority seats but I'm never really very good at asserting my right to them, I fear getting abuse for asking because well I don't exactly look disabled, I know I need to put my big girls pants on and be brave.

  • FLB: Fantastic Looking Blender! How is it?

    Has a Garmin found its way to the Spoonie Residence, yet? :D

    No, not bloody yet. It's preposterous! Four months! I'll have to ring up again to see what, if any, changes there have been.

    Ah, the rush hour tramcar crush. :-( People shouldn't judge; it's all very well being in a space reserved for people with disabilities but as you rightly say, not all disabilities are blindingly obvious. To be honest, I'm not sure how to approach such a situation either; sod's law I'd cop for someone argumentative who wants a row on the tram!

    Glad to hear the new job is going well; I was wondering how you were getting on. :-)

  • what a fabulous pic, and what a great running buddy...well done you :)

  • Thank you, Ferd really is a good running buddy :)

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