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Bad knees? There's hope!

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So W4R1 my knee completely went. Agony for weeks and I couldn't even kneel on it. After over 3 weeks of rest I got bored and started to feel really low so I went to the gym for suggestions. They said try the cross trainer as it's low impact but same effect. So, taking myself all the way back to W2R1 I've been using the app whilst on the cross trainer. Monday I realised my knee had stopped hurting, I hadn't even been paying attention to it so I thought I would have a little go on the treadmill. I absolutely SMASHED a run now I'm at the end of W4, running faster than I had before and today I ploughed through W5R1 with no trouble at all! Now I have a choice of which to use, treadmill or crosstrainer. If like me your knees aren't the best I would absolutely recommend a crosstrainer, listening to the app and pushing yourself in the same way as a run!

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Well done on not giving up 💪👍😃.

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Some of the purists are not going to be keen on the cross trainer. But I'm glad that you found a way to carry on and now your are fast! Good for you and a great post that will hopefully help someone else.

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Rowena04 in reply to Goforitmama

I feel SO much better for it and love that I can now go faster and manage my breathing better

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BarnsGraduate in reply to Goforitmama

What are the issues with a cross trainer? We've got one at home now (wife has really bad knees so can't really run but cross trainer was touted as lower impact). I was using it on non-run days and days when my knee is playing up. Why do cross trainers not mix with running?

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Rowena04 in reply to Barns

I will! It's a great feeling!

I hurt my knee last Friday at work. It just went and I’ve been in agony ever since. I tried running and made it much worse now. I was worrying I’d never be able to exercise again but you have given me hope now. Thanks for sharing

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What a brilliant post - it will help a lot of people who have trouble with their knees

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