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Is it worth it??

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Morning everyone 😊 Graduated on the 27th March and have been running 5k every two days since then πŸ€” it makes me smile every day that at the start of C25K, I couldn’t run for a minute 😊 now I’m booking my first park run and looking at bridge to 10k. If you’re starting out - good luck - keep with it - it really is so worth it! 😊 Anyone who wanted an update from β€œget the popcorn out” ..........Alice (with big smile on her face) has told me my belly is a lot smaller πŸ€“ Now 15.9 stone down from 17.12stone (99k from 112kg)

Happy running everyone πŸ€“


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Same to you πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

Really, well done! You can go forward with confidence that you can keep running and getting healthier, combining running with eating healthily and getting slimmer, fitter and stronger as a result πŸ’ͺπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‘

Running is fun too of course and gets you where you want to go You can literally run errands now πŸ™‚


Is it worth it - Absolutely. I too am a recent graduate and religiously run 3 days a week - look I am using the term run now. I have to say this programe has been a godsend and to be honest PArk Runs are amazing. Everyone is so friendly, its a great atmosphere and boy it feels good to run with like minded individuals and also have company whilst running

So I to agree with Jason if you want to give it a go just do it, best thing I have done in years. I am now up to 8K and cant wait to crack the 10

JetsOwnerGraduate in reply to bertiesugar

This is so good to hear and wonderful for you.

Well doen, it’s fab when graduates continue the running journey and so encouraging for all the newbies to see. well done you on the progression (distance) and reduction (tummy)


Well done!


I’m impressed. It does make me want to keep going.

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