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B210k -W1 My quest for a waist!

Finished C25k last Friday and like a lot of others on here, I have not lost any weight. I started this with a BMI of 25 and finished at that. What I didn't do was take any measurements on W1 and I wish I had, so here goes, it may be tmi but I want to get it down on record so that I can't slack off.

Bust 36" Waist 33" Hips 39" - Weight this morning 11.1lbs (I'm 5'6")

As you can see, I'm a bit of a brick shape and I would love to get the waist measurement down to under 30".

I've also cancelled my WW subscription as I've virtually given up on tracking and pointing, I'm a bit bored with that now and I stayed on or around this weight for the last five months. The £20.00 each month can go towards running stuff!

As I've paid in advance I have until the 13/8/12 to hit my goal of 10.7 and then qualify for free WW. But, I've decided that I don't need WW anymore as I'm now a runner aren't I? God, I hope so! Thank you WW, you got the first 2 stone off me and taught me a lot about being aware of what goes in my mouth and especially portion sizes, now the next 7 -14 lbs is down to C25k/B210k and me.

I'm going on to B210k because I know I need to get the miles under my belt to use the calories, did the first run this morning. It wasn't too bad, the 1min walks were nice but not long enough (moan)........ I know I know, they are not supposed to be!

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It's lovely to hear you are going on to bigger and better things ! Dogs joining you yet? I've got a lurcher and nothing in the world would get him off the couch and onto the running track- we just have a gentle plot along the canal towpath with me straining at the lead to get a move on!! Keep working on using up 500 calories more each day than you are taking in and you'll make steady weigt loss. :)


Thanks, I hope putting it down for all to see helps me keep at it. No, Ellie doesn't come with me now the runs are long, she doesn't like it. She gets stressed as no time for sniffs.

I did my run today and then took Ellie out for her walk for an hour, quite time consuming but it does add to the calories burned!


I'll admit I was hoping for more of a weight loss than I've had so far...but I should have known 9 weeks wasn't even a good start towards that goal. I still need to lose at LEAST 2 stone, but yes, only cutting back what I shovel into my mouth and running longer times/distances is going to do that. Bowing to my age, I'm accepting that it will be at least another year to make my weight. I didn't take my measurements at the beginning either...and wish I had. As I posted before, something is shifting whether the scales show it or not.

Best of luck to you, dansmum. We'll slog it out together.


Yes this program isn't a quick fix is it? It has dawned on me that I still have to watch what goes into my mouth and expend the energy to lose the weight, but hey, we are doing the right things and will get there eventually.

Thanks for your support Grammadog, I will be looking out for your progress.


I take my hat off to you Dansmum for posting your vitals on any web site, brave girl.

I've been on Bootdiets.com for just over a year now and lost 2.5 stone, I have 1.5lbs to go to get to my target weight of 8st 9lbs, I am only 5'1" short though. My doc doesn't want me to go any lower so will be guided by him. I have to say that since jogging I haven't lost a lot, but since I've been mixing up my runs and doing some interval training things have started moving again. I agree with you though the tape measure tells a much truer picture. While you have your tape out take your thighs, calf and also your midrif measurements. A good way to tell if you have lost weight overall is to look at your shoulders and collarbone area, its always a place that shows off your slimmer figure. Try Bootsdiets.com you get the frst week free and its only about £6 per month after that. Good luck.


Ok Oldgirl, I did what you suggested and took the other measurements, although I'm not exactly sure where my midriff is so I opted for the bit below my chest and above my waist, hope that's right.

I had a look at the Bootsdiet and have signed up for it, lots of lovely info to play with and just the thing after doing WW for so long, thanks for that.

Re putting my measurements out for all to see, I wasn't sure about it but thought 'what the hell', now I have to put some work in or have a really public failure!


Oh I might try that myself! Thanks :)


Well done on your weight loss and increase in fitness levels. I too am 5ft 6 but 8 lbs heavier than you and I am really struggling to get the weight off. I got a shock when I went to measure myself to order a waist belt in order to run with my dog.. In my mind I was still a 26 inch waist (yes I was many many years ago) but not any longer... :(

I am pretty fit for my age/weight though and running has helped enormously. Maybe we ought to start a c25k slimming sub section to motivate each other?


That's actually a good idea, as I imagine that 99% of C25Ker's would like to lose weight. We could call it C25Kg Off!


Lol great name! The Nhs bods are supposed to be revamping the web site so maybe something to consider? JR21 - are you there???


I'm so glad it's not just me that has lost no weight doing this! I know it's not just about the weight thing though, it's all the other benefits too. I am stuck at the moment and don't know what to do to lose the weight :(


I've not lost a pound, but my clothes all fit the same now as when I was 7lbs lighter, and no they didn't fit like this before I started c25k, the thing with me is I like to see a lower number on the scales. Daft i know


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