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Week 7 R3 Done!!

After had me believing that I was running at a ridiculous speed and covering stupid distances I had it checked before my final wk7 run. Sadly I am not Usain Bolt as I had begun to believe but I'm ok with that because we may run and very different speed and my only audience may be the bin men but we both still love to run.

As per usual it was raining but I set out to sink this last run. Changed my route (and my playlist) and went for it. I'm ashamed to say that I struggled after doing so well with the first two runs. I think it might have been the change in route or maybe just tiredness. Thankfully after the first ten minutes I had a new burst of determination and got through the next 15 minutes. My hips have definitely been aching this week I'm hoping this will pass.

I'm looking forward to wk8 and I'm so close to the 5k mark!

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Well done! We're at the same stage... I'm definitely finding it more of a mental challenge now than anything - like you, the first half of the run seems the worst!

Go for it in week 8, you've come so far already.


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