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Week 5 R3 - Done

Well, that was fun! Really it was.

I am part of a group doing this and whilst there was a sense of foreboding, we knew that this has been coming. We started well and I concentrated on thinking this is 4 x 5 minutes run.

The 3rd 5 minutes was up hill but the sense of acheivement as we crested the hill and realised that we only had 5 minutes left was unreal.

I have to agree with a lot of the sentiment on here, this run is a mental challenge and with good motivation and spirit is doable.

Considering that I have not run for over 20 years, I feel so proud.

Bring on Week 6 and our Santa Run on December 6!!

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Congratulations! I've run countless km since, but I've never forgotten W5R3 and then sense of achievement that went with it. That's it - you're hooked now!


Wow!! W5R3 run as part of a group!! That must have been memorable. Congratulations, you are well over half way now. Good lick with the Santa run.

Keep running, keep smiling.

PS. The tag says it all.


Great stuff! That sounds really good. Some runs are fantastic and others less so but we take each one and tick it off. The programme goes like lightning so enjoy it. It's a good plan to be with a group of like-minded peeps, you can support each other when someone flags. Share in each other's triumphs and boost the flagger's morale. Bit like this forum come to think of it


Thanks all.

We are a bit like the Marines :

"No one gets left behind or forgotten".


Well done that is a fantastic post about Week 5 Run3 ! what a lovely ideas running in a group. Good luck for week six and i am sure you will have a fab Santa Dash!!


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