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Week 7 run 2 - done! Race for life on Sunday and feeling positive

After a rocky time during week 6, I feel like I'm really getting into this running malarkey now :) I have times when I can actually breath during my runs, I'm not desperately waiting for the run to end and I feel like I'm getting in a rhythm when I run - yay :)

I have a 5k race for life on Sunday. I'm actually looking forward even though rain is forecast for the day. Does anyone have any helpful hints and tips for my first 5k? I really value all the help I've received from this forum.

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Yeah just set off at a nice pace and keep a good rhythm 😀 breathe and enjoy the atmosphere will help you when you need it x and walk when you need to ..... Have a great time xx

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Start slowly and increase your speed only when you feel ready - don't worry if you have to stop for a breather :) but the main thing is enjoy!!!

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Do your warm up before the race.

1. Start off very slowly and don't get carried away by the other runners. It's easily done!

2. Run your own race at your own pace. Imagine we're all there with you cheering you on.

3. Walk if you have to. Lots of people do.

4. Get a nice mental image in your head that's going to keep you going. Or use a mantra.

5. Just enjoy every moment and remember so you can come on here and tell us all about it!

6. Be prepared for a sore face from smiling so much afterwards!

A big well done for signing up in the first place.


Thanks for the tips :) it really keeps me going knowing that I can write on the forum to share my successes with you all :)


All excellent advice, especially not getting carried away and burning out because you set off too quickly - very easily done!! And if it does get a bit tough, mentally composing your next post about how brilliant it was is the perfect way to distract yourself (a trick I used many times when working through the weeks!) ;-)


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