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Too much paraphenalia hampers first post-graduation run!

So today went out for the first post-grad run. My grand plan was to run 5k and just see how long that took, then work on improving my time. I've just bought a new (not-so) Smart phone and downloaded a GPS type app - it was a free app. Now I know why.

Of course it had been raining, so I thought best take my jacket.

So off I trot, laden down with jacket, Smart phone, ipod, kitchen sink.....

Instead of concentrating on running, spent the whole time faffing with the stupid phone, taking my jacket off and tying it round my waist, then being weighed down on one side by the flipping phone in my pocket.

I made it round. But I've got no idea how far I ran - I think around 4.5K, but the app packed up 3/4 of the way round! And I was annoyed with myself because all this faffing about meant I stopped a few times and lost my stride.


Thank goodness for Tom Petty - "Running Down a Dream" got me to the end!

Next time it's just me and my ipod.

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Smartphone (running Emdomondo) in a arm case, bluetooth headset. Works tollerably well for me. No wires to get in the way, music and tracking sorted out at the same time. Endomondo gets lost occasionally, but it's not too bad.


I downloaded Runtastic FREE version to try it. It was good so upgraded to the PRO version for the pricely sum of £3.99, there is a GOLD version too but it seems to have too many fancy things going on. The Runtastic seemed to hang onto the GPS signal better than the other two I had tried which were Smartrunner & joggysteps. But I'm pretty sure that the GPS is mainly down to your hardware, i.e. phone / ipod.


Thanks old girl. I think my new phone is pretty basic which might be the problem. It was Runtastic that I was attempting to use. I think there were just too many distractions!


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