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Yesterday's Park Run Stats

As I posted yesterday it was my first Park Run. I don't know how slow or fast I run normally, more worried about doing what Laura tells me and burning calories than my speed.

My stats for yesterdays run came through and I did 5k in 33.14 mins. I was 259th out of 309 and the 80th woman across the line.

I was 19th out 41 in my age group 45 - 49 and my age grade was 47.79%

And most importantly burnt about 271 calories!!!!!

I can feel that I am going to start to get a bit competitive now already wanting to do another one and beat my time and increase my age grade - how sad am I.

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Not sad at all! That's a good time too. I prefer to do a parkrun once a month or so as I can see an improvement in my time, whereas I think I would struggle to improve my times if I went every week, but it's up to the individual how ofen they go. Just remember, you are competing with yourself and not the other runners! Keep running and you will see your times getting better.


Yay, be proud! It's really important to set yourself goals and being competitive is no bad thing - being competitive with yourself is the best. I use my map-my-run timer/logger every time I go out running and only want to beat my last time/distance. I haven't done a Park Run yet but you've inspired me to seek one out!


That's a great time! I'm going to try a Park Run after I've graduated. I think one 5K (Race for Life) in the middle is quite enough for me! Week 9 for me starts tomorrow so, fingers crossed, I should run my graduation run on Friday.


Gosh thats a really big turn out for your Parkrun. Well done on your time too. When I do Parkrun I find that these ratings leave me feeling ever so proud!!, Well they would if I took much notice of them. Cos I'm in my 60's my rating for my time is just under 60% which if compared to a much younger male who has run faster than me but only gets a rating of say 45%. Parkrun always sent out an email too, the congratulations on coming first in your age group, OH WOWEE, I'm a winner, then I look and have a good laugh cos I'm usually the only Female veteran runner in that age group. I still enjoy taking part though, its a fun way to spend a Saturday morning and the tea and toasted teacake after with a good chat is very sociable.

The main thing is to enjoy it cos thats what its all about.


That's brilliant - you deserve to be basking in a smug glow - well done you. And remember: we're faster than that couch :)


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