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Morning all!! Wk1 r3 to do this morning, put getting fitter but putting weight on???? Don't know why!!

Morning all!! Wk1 r3 to do this morning and looking forward to it. My wife and I have managed to find a circular route that is exactly the time it takes for the entire podcast. Weather still overcast but not tipping down so quite pleased with that.

One of the reasons for doing this program other than getting more active and fit was to lose some weight, I need to lose a stone or so, but I seam to be putting weight on???? I'm not eating any more, in actual fact eating less and more healthily. Don't know why, anyway it's only wk 1. Still really excited about the program though.

Right, run time :-) catch you later!!!

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Good luck with this morning's run! The weight loss thing has been covered quite well here:

I'm on Week 5 and I haven't weighed myself, but I know my shape is changing, things seem to be firming up.


Thankyou, one thanks for the info, I feel my body toning already but just up a few pounds on. I will have a good read, Thankyou and keep it going :-)


Do you weigh yourself straight after running? I was 2!bs heavier!!!!! It disappeared after an hour or so though x


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