R3 of W6! Want to do this, but bit anxious!

I am on my 3rd run in week 6 next, dreading a bit as that would be my longest run ever! I was too tired when I did my R2W6 yesterday as I went first thing in the morning, empty tummy (did not mean to but had a driving lesson afterwards so did not have time!) and previous night Burgher with alcohol on a night out did not help either! I completed the full length but was too tired.In the evening when I go for my runs, I feel better, but like to finish in the mornings so that is out of the way and I feel good. Anybody likes afternoons/evenings better than mornings??


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  • My normal running has been straight after work at about 4.30 but due to working in a school and the Easter Holidays I have been running in the morning. I am far better at running after work than mornings. I just don't seem to have the same energy earlier in the day and my run after work gets rid of all my frustrations!! Good luck.

  • Thank you karenmac70, I think I feel the same way, thought I should have more energy though in mornings as after work we all are tired, but it seems the other way around for me, like for you!

  • Hey there!

    don't worry about it, if you completed the other runs you'll be fine, just don't put too much pressure on yourself! ;) Don't go to fast, the aim is to finish the run, not to exhaust yourself!

    Running on an empty stomach is never good (they tell you to do it on some slimming programmes, but in fact only marathon runners use this method of training).

    I like running in the mornings, I always have a light breakfast before though.

    Good luck for run three... Please blog about it when you've done it! :)

  • Many thanks for your wishes, I never meant to run empty tummy, it was just that I got up late and did not have time..should have had a banana at least! I was told Yoghurts are good, yet to try that too..

  • I run twice a week after work and once in the morning on the weekends. I find that running after work is so much easier! I have more energy and can go faster and farther. But, I do like running in the mornings - it's lighter, and by the time I get back I feel really ready for the day.

    So I'll keep doing both, I think :P

  • Maybe so Bilby, shall do morning run too once in a while, I do mostly after work, like most of us..many thanks for your comments..

  • Like you, I was dreading W6R3 but surprised myself at how well it went. Just keep a slow pace. I remember Laura telling me I'd run for 5 mins and I wanted to hit her but after the 10 min mark, you're into the home straight and it gets easier! Good luck! I love running mornings to get it out of the way but its too hot where I live so mainly running nights now as its cooler and the sun has set. I seem to have better runs on a night but always dreading it, especially after finishing work late!

  • Thank you very much for your wishes...you say it is too hot where you live, wow..wish we had some sun shine over here!!

    I know what you mean..the best thing ever is to hear Laura saying there is only one minute to go! Yeah..then I run and run AND run..till she says that is it!

  • I found weeks 1 and 2 in week 6 harder than week 3 for some reason - in fact I repeated them as I wasn't totally satisfied that I had done them sufficiently well. Somehow the walking in between the runs seemed to drain my legs of energy, so the final run was a trial. But the longer run in week 3 was OK - perhaps because I treated it with respect and set off slightly slower than with the shorter distances.

    Personally I like to run at dawn on an empty stomach (I don't normally eat breakfast anyway) and find it suits me - but we're all different, so you need to find the combination that suits you. Some find a banana before starting helps.

  • Thank you very much for your comments!! As you say, I think I also should start the run slow..my usual route is going down at the start and climbing up at the end,(not too much though, mostly it is flat which makes things easier) wish I had it the other way around but then this is the best route I found to calculate my 5km.

    I can't run when my tum is full, but a Banana or a Youghurt should help..

  • I vote for running after work too, usually twice a week and a mid morning run on a weekend. I'm funny with food, I need to leave a good hour between my last bit of food and a run otherwise I feel quite sick.

    I'm not sure there is a difference between my speed n timing but I certainly look forward to running after work to clear my head. My weekend runs are different as thu set me up for the day.

    Variety is the spice of life, so both work for me.

  • Many thanks. I used to run 3 days a week but since of late I run every other day because I will have a break for about 2-3 weeks from end of April due to a surgery. I really want to finish C25K before that. If I do every other day I will be able to do it. I simply cannot run when I have had food, at least should wait for 2-3 hours before running, but have not tried a light snack as yet, maybe a Banana, should do that when I run in a morning again.

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