I brought this on myself!

I have some advice for anyone who ever sprains their ankle, rest it rest it rest it rest it REST IT!

Because I didn't, I really regret not giving my tendons time to repair themselves and now both of my ankles are very weak, if I sprain either of my ankles again I might not be able to use them properly for 6 months! (that means no running!)

I thought that because I'm only 20 that my body would recover quickly, but ankles don't work that way, I was ignorant and arrogant to think I could fool them!

Ankles are your friends! Treat them well and rest them when you hurt them!

Andy Murray also suffers from weak ankles! (check out those ankle supports!)

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  • telegraph.co.uk/sport/tenni...

    you can see his owwwwww in this photo in the telegraph!

  • Oh this is horrible!

    I've done the same in the past. Kept going over on my ankles in rugby games and never let them recover. Would be back training a day later and play a game the following week. I have seriously screwed them up because I didn't let them heal. They are so weak now!

    :( rest them up xx

  • I have done the same to one of mine, however even a year after it happened I was still able to improve the strength of the ankle through physio. It's not perfect and I doubt it ever will be but I highly recommend persisting to be seen, just a few simple stretches everyday DO make a difference.

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