Week 1 - smashed it!

Run 3 done

Maracas safe & secure (see previouse post), tight pants, loose shorts & I was off.

I think I found the lung I lost on Sunday cos I p*ssed it or was it the sense of achievement, not sure but feeling fantastic. Got a rump steak & a bag of haribo's waiting for me so I'm off now.

I'm sure I'll be back to my miserable self next week when I try W2R1 but today, no moaning just well pleased with myself.

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  • Well done, keep up the good work !

  • Well done Bud, keep on throwing those legs up the road!

  • Well done mate, and don't forget to look after the crown jewels, you know the two in a bag lol. Well don mate

  • What! Not a single moan? Don't tell me you enjoyed yourself? Be warned -this running thing is addictive and so is the blogging. Love your posts so do keep up both! :-) It's pretty hard to smoke and type at the same time so double benefit.

  • Only 18 fags since Tuesday's run, however I know I need to give up completely. Been at it 25 years now, only been running for a week!

  • I think cutting the fags in half and doing 3 runs counts for a pretty good week's work! You deserved your nice steak and the Haribos! Weirdly I ordered some running kit from Wiggle and a free bag of Haribos arrived in the package. Maybe it's a runner thing? Don't get it myself tho my kids love them. Chocolate for me every time! :-)

  • Wiggle ALWAYS send Haribos - if you are very lucky, they send DOUBLE Haribos, if you are even more lucky, they send a free bottle opener keyring!

  • Thanks tantrumbean! that explains it. Kids were delighted anyway ;-)

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