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C25K Running Club - Southern Chapter Meet Up

Hi all

just a reminder that we had come to the collective agreement of:

In summary:

Sunday 9th September

Lloyd Park in Croydon

I would guess 10:30 to give those coming a bit further time but if anyone prefers later or earlier then it will be put to the usual democratic forum.

Everyone is responsible for their own catering but some of us coming by car so shout if we can bring anything (or anyone) along with us.

Maybe someone living close by (hint hint) can suggest a meeting point if its not really obvious!

Hints, tips, alternate suggestions anyone?????

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That sounds like a plan to me Greg.

I'll be driving across from Orpington so happy to bring anything (e.g. Extra water etc to save those travelling by public transport having to lug heavy items) or anyone from that direction.

Really looking forward to it.

Does anyone know if there are any facilities (e.g. Toilets) at the Park that we could have access to?


As it is my birthday on September 8th ( 21 again ! ? ) it is highly unlikely I will be there , but will definitely want to see any photographic evidence of all you lovely c25k ers !!!!!!

Good luck everyone, bet its going to be a blast ! :)


I should be there!

AliB1, I'm pretty sure there's toilets. There's a new 'Lloyd Cafe' which opened up a few months back so presumably an eatery = toilets.

There is free parking (3hr maximum stay) at Lloyd Park (you do need a ticket from the machine, but it's a free ticket) but there is only space for around 20 or so cars. Parking on surrounding roads is all parking bays with Pay & Display but it's generally free on Sundays.

If you're coming by train, jump off at East Croydon and then grab a tram (Route 3) and go 2 or 3 stops to Lloyd park. The tram stop is right on the park front so you can't miss it.

If you're driving, a post code which gets you pretty much there is CR0 5RA.

The actual park run route is a grass route (Lloyd park doesn't have paved paths) and can be quite hilly in places but it's a lovely place, especially in the summer :)

Any other questions, I'd be happy to answer - it's 5 mins from my door :)


Thank you ..this is really helpful!


Thanks, that's useful. I'll need the postcode as I'll be arriving by car


Can't wait :)


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