Couch to 5K

W9R3 Done!

W9R3 Done!

Done and dusted (or dusty!)

I decided to push hard on my final run and try and get the 5k in 30 mins, fuelled by a banana and encouraged by great weather, I set off, probably far too fast, and 8 seconds after 'slow down youre done' came the 5k mark. (personally I think mapmyrun kicked in too early and so im claiming 5k in 30min!)

C25K has been a great experience, from nothing to 5k in 30mins and 8kg lost as a bonus.

Great that there is this community for support and encouragement if you need it.

Now for a few days rest.

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5k in 3 minutes???? You really are ambitious! ;-) Well done on the graduation run! :-)


Ha! well spotted, your allowed to do c25k in a car right?


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