W9R3 - Done!!! Yeehhhh me!!

The title says it all. From the biggest self-doubter, non-believer, with the typical "I can't do it" type attitude - I've done it and it was actually fine. Since I've got past the biggie 20 minute run in W6 it all kinda just fell into place. Not quite at the 5k point yet, only got to 4.17 last night but now I feel that I could actually speed up and still do the time and distance as opposed to going too fast and quitting at 15 minutes! My biggest thanks go to all of you for all the fantastic support and encouragement given, but especially Toonlou24 and MarkyD for their kind messages and "kick up the arse" comments needed just at the right times. IannodaTruffle also plays a huge part in this as when I first started this about three years ago he posted about how addictive it was - his parting comment being "we've got another one guys!" After I packed it in on week 2 I felt like I'd failed him and that always stuck in my head. Little did he know the effect his words would have on me and now, dare I say it, I can run, OMG, yes, I actually said run. I'm only a blinking runner!!!!!


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  • Superb Lorraine so chuffed for you. Great achievement. Don't forget to apply for your badge and bask in its shinyness. ;-) WELL DONE !!!

  • Ooooohhh, is there an actual physical badge??? I thought it was just a hypothetical one. How do I get one? Feeling the need to show that one off!

  • Well done Lorraine, have a fab graduation day and many many Congratulations to you :-) xxx

  • healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

    is the link on the left

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That's absolutely brilliant! I graduated yesterday, and am only just coming down off Cloud 9! Enjoy the celebrations, whatever they may be x

  • Congratulations to you too useitorloseit. What a fantastic feeling. I am actually very proud of myself for sticking with it - I CAN RUN!!!!! Woohoo!! x

  • Woohoo, congratulations, go you!!! Have a little treat/reward to celebrate today & bask in how great it feels, mentally & physically xxx

  • Congratulations Lorraine - you are now officially AMAZING :) And Welcome to the extremely exclusive Graduates Club - well not that exclusive as I'm allowed in it. Not only do you get a badge (I thing they are virtual as opposed to solid - but all the more valuable because of that - they will never rust!) BUT you are officially allowed to go around with a mad grin on your face all day and look completely crazy. WELL DONE. :)

  • Well done Lorraine ! Especially for persevering having given up before. You are definitely a runner !!

  • Way to go Lorraine! Bask in the glow! It's a great feeling isn't it?

  • Wish we could bottle how we feel when we graduate. We'd make millions!! x

  • Fantastic! I'm a previous giver upper but just completed week 8 so not far behind you. Well done! X

  • Well done SexyBexy, i'll look forward to reading your euphoric post next week at some point then. The feeling far outweighs any doubts. Just think, this time next week you'll be able to run for a straight 30 minutes - woohooooooo!!! x

  • Congratulations on your graduation, go get your shiny badge. I also first started this 3 years ago, this is my 3rd attempt and I know I will complete it this time. The support on here definitely helps. Well done :0)

  • Yay!!! Get you, Graduate! I told you that you could do it. So pleased for you, well done. What next?


  • At some point I am going to venture outside, having completed the C25K programme on a treadmill. I have heard that it is harder actually pounding concrete as opposed to a bouncy springy surface but at least I won't have the doubt in my head that I can't run for 30 minutes coz I know I can. Would be interesting to see how far from point A to point B I can run - probably far further than I thought. This programme does wonders for your confidence doesn't it. Got the biggest smile on my face as well! Thank you again for all your comments and pokes along the way - it all definitely helps x

  • That's brilliant Lorraine. I really hope you go out and enjoy yourself - you deserve it!

  • Hahaha - I am over the moon for you Lorraine, well done!!!!! :D You give me a lot of hope. :D I've done one week and I can't finish the first podcast yet, so it's going to taaaake tiiiiime, but i'm looking forward to the journey :D You are truly an inspiration, well done! And get that shiny badge!! :D xxx

  • ClaraCuppicake - I was exactly the same as you hun but there is definitely some magic to this programme if you stick with it. Each week and each run you do you are making progress, you may not see it, I definitely didn't see any progress at all - I was constantly knackered and struggled with my breathing. I didn't think I was improving and couldn't ever see that I would be able to run straight for 30 minutes. I thought I must have been born with a stitch as I seemed to have one as soon as I put my trainers on but the proof is there in black and white - believe me, if I can do it then so can you. Just under 12 weeks to the festive period - what a chrimbo pressie to yourself that would be. Goes without saying that we are always here to support, encourage, boost and maybe "kick" you along the way but you'll do it, just as we all have x

  • Amazing stuff, so many of us felt at the beginning that we would never be 'proper' runners, great to read another success story!! Big grin on your face , I bet! Very well done xx

  • Well done Lorraine. So glad you stuck with it this time. It was so worth it wasn't it. Just make sure you keep on running now. Run for your life girl!

  • Yaaaaaay! Well done you!! Am so proud of you!!! That's fantastic! Am so pleased that I helped you! And you know what! You've just really inspired me too! Since my graduation run I have been struck down with a horrible cold. Felt so bad and had a horrible cough so I haven't been out since. I am going to today now after reading your post. It worries me that running still isn't a habit for me yet. I still need to push myself to go. Silly when I know how fantastic I feel afterwards! Anyway. Well done you! Excellent news. Xx

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