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Week 6 - All Done

Week 6 - All Done

Well yesterday I completed W6R3 - all before 6am, gotta love early morning runs *smiles*. I rolled, literally rolled, out of bed at 5am whilst my brain was too asleep to realise what I was about to do. Out the door 10 minutes later and off I went, I took a flatter route this time (well as flat as Co. Durham gets, in order to keep myself motivated for 25 minutes of running but what can I say - I did it. Laura says I am officially a runner and that was, as sad as it may seem, one of the proudest moments of my life! I actually got into this run, my breathing was easy the whole way and, if i ignored the blister that felt like it was growing by the second, I was pain free. My run ended in the high street and I confess I did a little victory dance too which I'm sure was recorded on security cameras but hey, I was proud!

Bad news - I have mentioned 'the blister' before but it grew on this run, no way was I about to give up so I developed a curious limp/hop/run for the last minute or two. When I got home I inspected it and it wasn't as big as feared but was pretty sore. All the people on here have been so willing to give advice so I have lots of things to take on board but ... I checked my running shoes and the treads were worn down. I only got them in November but they've seen running (on my previous C25K attempt) and a lot of walking!! So I'm thinking these, previously uber comfy shoes, may have seen better days. On top of all the great hints and tips I've got from here I've invested in a new pair of Nike Lunar Glides, my shoe of choice. Also realised dinky feet mean dinky prices. £79 for adult sizes or £39 for size 5.5 in the kids range. Whoop!

PS Even paid extra to ensure my trainers arrive before my holiday next week so I can run when I'm away. I've got the running bug...

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Nothing wrong with being proud - it is an achievement and an important one at that because you are investing in your future health! You choose to WIN. Hope you have a lovely time runnng on your holiday in your Glides.


lol...we'll be watching that security camera footage on YouTube tomorrow....

You are doing really that blister, tho.

Keep up the good work!


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