Couch to 5K

Start over :(

Well, I started this program two weeks ago and did well for my first run and, surprisingly, managed it quite well. Then I was away and decided to re-start it again last week which I did and twenty three minutes in .... I pulled my calf muscle.

I have had physio, pressure bandaging and ice since. I am hoping to re-start again in the next couple of days.

I have since been told that I should have done lots of stretching exercises etc., before even starting the brisk 5 minute warm up ugh!!!

Onwards and upwards as they say :) Any other advice??

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Sorry to hear about your calf ..I'm in the same boat although I've only self treated so far. I'd appreciate a bit more detail about what the physio did to you/had you do etc if there is any more detail to be had. How long and how often do you ice is one bit of info I would realy like to have.



Hi KANdoit. I put an ice pack on when I get home in the evenings. The pressure bandage I wear day and night and I do gentle stretching exercises of the calves i.e. standing on the bottom stair as close to your toes as possible and dropping your heels below the level of the stair. The other one is to lean against a wall and move your foot backwards as far as you can flattening your heel. That is all I have done so far. I have now managed to stop the pressure bandage and, hopefully will go back to running in the next couple of days :) GOOD LUCK !


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