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Just completed run 1 of wk 1 on C25K. :-D

Just completed my 1st run of week 1 on the C25K, Shattered but really proud of myself. The running was really hard towards the end of the 60 seconds, felt like my chest was biginning to burn up, i am sure it will get easier as i go on. even though it was hard looking forward to thursday evening to do the next one. Must say the Podcast was really good talking me through it. Not so sure of the choice in music though haha. not a problem really though.

Bring on thursday

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you do get used to the music, but as an alternative if you're using an ipod or iphone there is an app called Get Running which has the same programme as Laura but allows you to play your own music. You won't hear any tips or encouragement but if you run your first outing each week with Laura, you can use the app for the other two repeats. Well done on your first run and remember, pace yourself. It's not a race :) Keep blogging and enjoy your ruunning :)


Thanks for that, I will have a look at the get running app, though the music really isn't that bad.

Thank you for the support, really helps

I was trying to run really slow but even then chest was burning, hope it gets easier ha ha


Well done you! Sounds like you are going a bit to fast : - ) maybe slow your pace down its not a race lol I thought I was going to die when I started but I am at week 5 and did run 2 tonight! It amazing how much You can change in 5 weeks never thought I would be doing this I normally quit if it gets to much :-) Well good luck keep going x


Well done Jimbob ~ the 1st week (especially the 1st run) was the hardest for me :)

But you will be amazed at how well the plan gets you to progress. I will be doing W5R2 tomorrow and I wouldn't have thought I'd get there on that 1st podcast.

Enjoy :)


Well done for giving it a go and starting! I found the first week the hardest too. Keep at it and follow the programme and you will be amazed at your progress, i've just finished week 6 and before starting this programme i found running for the bus or walking up a steep hill hard. I got out of breath very easily (no exaggeration i promise) but.... i just jogged the Race for Life 5k on sunday.....its amazing how far i've come!!!!

Be proud of yourself, you deserve it!


I am a mere 1 day ahead of you on the programme so know how you feel and will watch your progress with interest. I can't say I enjoyed week 1 run 1 but I feel kinda proud today and the achy legs just remind me that I achieved something yesterday, even if it was just the fist step along a difficult road. Good luck for Thursday, and for the whole programme.


Welcome Jim ! If you are proud after W1R1 you wont be able to describe the joy and pride after finishing the next runs. the 20 minutes, the 25 and the week 9 approaching the graduation ! It is an amazing achievement !

Keep us posted on your progress !


A great start jimbob... By week 3 or 4 you will notice a huge change in the whole chest/cardio recovery thing and be amazed. Until then you gotta dig deep and keep on keeping on. :)


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